Group Purchase for 94-98 Saleen S281 wing?

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  1. Im gonna try to check into it. :flag:
  2. I just bought & installed the Kaenan S281 wing & I needed almost no prep, and the 4-bolt feature means it can easily be removed should you decide to change back to stock at a later date.
    Call Kaenan early in the AM & speak to Kevin.
    Keep calling---he is hard to get.
  3. We need pics!!!
  4. Im interested but not in the saleen double sided mounted one rather have the 281 that bolts up from where ever whomever Kaenen is

    Prep and paint labor = no bargain when it comes to install.
  5. Where u find one

    Kaenen WHere can u find one at I would rather use 4 bolt
  6. im def. in if yall are still trying to do a group buy. and the price is good.