Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm starting this for the group buy on Mishimoto radiators.

    We get a 5% discount on 1-9 radiators, 10% on 10 or more, off of the price of $185 shipped.
    This is a smokin deal!:nice:

    Lets see if we can get 10 people! The deadline to order is July 10th. They are currently on a 25day backlog. We will get the first ones in.

    Please post here after you order one so we can keep count of the people.

    I think one guy just ordered one before this GB, call and tell him you are in on the GB.

    If you order now, once we hit 10 people buyers 1-9 will also receive the extra 5% discount.

    The # to call is 850-791-6459. He also accepts Paypal.

    Here is a link to his site.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that if you ordered off Ebay ...if you can cancel since they are on backorder then you can get into this group buy.

    l will put down the buyers until we hit 10. PM me with your name and I will have your screen name also. When you order all he has is your real name so we will have to put the two together, and I will post the screen names.

    1. The Green GT
    2. Punisher 302
    3. Stangzroastrice
    4. S351Saleen77
    5. Last5.0Cobra
    6. 94 302 Vert
    7. 5.0 from 95
    8. David NC
    9. Mister CMK
    10. Bang Stang -10% OFF FOR EVERONE when we get 10!!

    Here are a list of names and tracking #'s

    Steven Pensinger - 1ZF856Y40363221805
    Tom Rice - 1ZF856Y40361587335
    Paul Bradshaw - 1ZF856Y40362799373
    Brandon Rakers - 1ZF856Y40361952216
    Tim Kilkenny - 1ZF856Y40362351757
    Robert Stephenson - 1ZF856Y40361551328
    Chris Karpesh - 1ZF856Y40361202197
    Eric Wagley - 1ZF856Y40362726147
    Chris Lambert - 1ZF856Y40363368167
    Wild Horse Auto - 1ZF856Y40361389380
    Paul Garcia - 1ZF856Y40361154114

    Thanks, Tom
  2. I ordered one Friday. Would I just have to call Mike to see if I can get in on the group buy?
  3. called, but no answer.

    i'm definately jumping on this!
  4. Yes, You were the one I was thinking of. Call 850-791-6459 and they said that you would be in on the Stangnet group buy!

    I am ordering mine next week on Payday. So with Punisher302 in we have 3 already!!:nice:
  5. i'm calling first thing tomorrow while im at work, so that makes 4 :)

  6. Hello everyone please call 850-791-6459 during our phone hours of 10-4pm.

    You must mention that your with the Stangnet group buy. You can paypal us directly as well:

    [email protected] the amount of $175.75 (185-5%)
  7. alright, just paypal'd my $175.75 to the paypal address provided (my paypal email iss paulg000)
  8. I just emailed him and when I hear back I will add you to the list.:nice:

    I sure hope we can hit 10 people. I bought a stock one awhile back for another 95 Mustang and it was almost as much and it had the small thin core and plastic tanks. This is a great deal!!!
  9. I am officially in. :)
  10. I will be in on tuesday for sure.
  11. Please add me to the list of 10.
  12. I'd like to be added as well.
  13. i believe you have to send payment first (and mention that it's for the 94-95 Mishimoto aluminum radiator StangNet group buy), then you're added to the list.
  14. :nice: Just what he said. You have to pay first, then we will add you to the list!

    Once we hit 10 people then everyone will get the 10% discount. About $10 more off then the 5% we are already getting.

    This is the cheapest you will ever get a upgraded radiator for!
  15. this question was never answered in the other thread, Does this radiator use a standard ford style 16lb radiator cap??? or does it use it's own style???
  16. It comes with its own cap, so Im not really sure.
  17. it comes with the 1.1 BAR Cap and from which I understand it is a 15.9lb Cap.
    Not sure if the stocker fits or not.
  18. so when was the estimated ship date?

    i could really use mine asap
  19. ok i paypal'd my 175.75 as well... my paypal e-mail was [email protected]
    add me to the list please!!!