Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. i've yet to receive my 5% back. it's not a huge deal to me, though--i feel like we got a great deal on these things to begin with.

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  3. So is anything wrong with it besides the marks on the top of the neck?

    I bet you could sand that out with some 600 grit wetsand paper then some 1000 to shine it back up. But then it might not seal good.
  4. I don't think that the radiator cap seals on that surface anyway. At least I do not recall ever seeing a gasket there on one.
  5. I will try to call today and ask about the 5% back. Who else besides Greet GT has received it?
    He did state that we would get it before they shipped.

    Well I finally got my rad and it looks great! It does have a very small scrape on the neck but nothing like David NC'S.

    That is where the gasket is on the cap and it is the sealing point.
  6. The top seal is required to seal so that the overflow vacuum is created at cool down. This suction, created at cool down, draws the coolant back into the radiator.

    If not repaired, coolant will flow out the top defective seal and some into the coolant tank, but won't be drawn back up. I'd then be driving with a partially low coolant level in the radiator.

    The two larger gouges are almost an 1/8 inch deep. Thes would require being welded over and ground down. The the rest could be smoothed over. Take $15 and about 3hrs time (travel & repair) and likely void the warranty. I've repair aluminum wheels with similar damage and would get $75. Don't have the tools or facilities anymore.
  7. A couple of quick questions to the group purchasers: For those that had Fluidyne radiators, is the core slightly narrower? The reason I ask is that my Vortech crank pulley is very close to my radiator (Fluidyne) and if the Mishimoto is slightly narrower it would be a better fit.
    Also, did anyone contact American Muscle for a group purchase? They carry Mishimoto as one of their brands and they are a sponsor of Stangnet forums. Seems like an all Mustang parts warehouse might be more receptive to warranty demands of Mustang owners. Just my .02

  8. Hey guys ok update:
    We're processing refunds as we can, apparently the CC merchant wont let us do them all at once, so we're doing them as many as possible per day. We're only allotted so many refunds then we're hit with a penalty and probation with the merchant. So some people have seen them some are pending untill we're allowed. I didn't realize this at first, since we've never did anything where we had to go back and refund a % of the original amount.

    DaveNC: I have sent an email with the label in it, you just print it out and it will be on its way to the manufacture. I covered the cost, as i don't agree with what was mentioned. After talking to someone there in person, i think there was a misunderstanding in the way you mentioned the problems. One guy thought we shipped you the radiator outside of the box lol..

    Main issue right now with the warranty is the lack of replacement units. We got in 25 of the 75 units that they got and they were all sold out very quickly and its about a 3 week wait for the next batch to be finished. They said that no one there realized that there is so many more ford mustang customers then the others. I guess they thought to dip into the market and it made a bigger splash then they were ready for. Its ok not a bad thing to me.

    Once again, if anyone has any issues or problems. Please contact me at anytime. Leave a message and shoot an email as well.
  9. KTeller, I have to say that's a pretty damn good, standup thing you did by paying the shipping cost for him. You get a big :nice: from me! I really hope the manufacturer is reimbursing you for that cost, as it was their damaged product, so it should have been their responsibility under warranty.

    Edit: And I know you're relatively new to SN and I don't know if anyone ever welcomed you, so welcome to StangNet!
  10. Mike,
    Thx for dealing with this. Got the label and shipped it out today.

    BTW, the manufacturer knew exactly what the situation was and had the pic. Chris (manufacturer) said that they'd send a unit out that day and that no shipping would be charged. But then Mike, "Mr Warranty," said that the warranty process required that I give them a credit card # and pay all shipping. Credit is also used to charge # you if original rad is not returned in 30 days. The manufacturer has not responded back to my calls or e-mails for two days.
  11. finally got around to installing mine today. i was very impressed w/ the quality right out of the box--looks like it was well-built and very promising.

    installation was a breeze. thought tighter than the stocker, it fit right in.

    haven't had a chance to really see the effects, as we finished earlier tonight, but hopefully it'll perform a lot better than my stock replacement piece during the day and on the street.
  12. Im glad you guys seem to like them ,I'll probably look into getting one over the winter and putting it in this spring. under $200 for a 2 row aluminum radiator is a great deal, especially when you have quality to go with it
  13. Any idea when the rest of us will have our additional 5% back? I haven't seen anything yet.
  14. yes, we're doing them every other day, as per our merchant policy, there is a limit to what you can do and how many within an allotted time, as mentioned above. depending where you are on our list, could be very soon or a few more days tops.
  15. Defective Rad return update: It's been two weeks since receiving the original radiator. Mishimoto received it two days ago. They still don't have a plan for replacing it. Waiting to hear back, but could be weeks more according to the contact I spoke with I won't even neded it until next summer if it takes two more weeks.
  16. David, Last i was updated. They are out of stock again on these items, and have more coming in shortly. We're hoping within 15 days and in the mean time. i am trying to find another associate or warehouse who might actually have one on hand. But that is hard as they seem to be back on backorder with everyone we speak with. To a few others, we've been sending the refunds out and most if not all should now see them.
    Within the next week, if you do not see your % back, please CALL or EMAIL us.
  17. got my 5% refund today--thanks! glad i didn't miss this group buy
  18. You made me look and I just got mine also:nice:
  19. I got two notes. One saying I got it back and anotehr saying it was cancelled. I do not have a paypal, were you able to charge it back to the CC card?