Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. I got my 5% back and installed it yesterday. I hope it works as good as it looks.

  2. Defective rad update. I got the replacement today and it looks fine. Even included a decal. The original did not include the decal, clean instructions, unbroken packing and fully taped plastic wrap. Got the 10% back to. Thanks Mike.
  3. I was gonna put mine in today, but I had to change my alt, and it was raining. So Ill try and do it Sunday after work.
  4. DavidNC, I'm glad to see your radiator situation is finally taken care of. I'm going to unsticky this thread, since we were just holding out on seeing what came of your warranty claim.
  5. ???? update ????
  6. Please give us a call or email us with your information. We dont have screen names just real names and order numbers. Why we said in our post to contact us if you don't see the % discount.

  7. Since my email and call went unansewred I just PM'd you.
  8. OK, I've Called, emailed and PM'd... (all within the last 2 weeks) What do I have to do to get an answer on the status of my 5%?
  9. Where are you sending these emails because I've gone through and havent seen anything. Please send email to [email protected], call us during our hours 10-4pm. If we are unable to answer please leave a message. Thank you
  10. we are looking to feature some mustangs on our website. if anyone who was in this group buy wants to take a few pictures and include pictures of the new radiator, please email your package to [email protected]
  11. When I get my hood painted Ill send you some pics.

    So I can be famous. :rlaugh:
  12. yes please do send any pictures and descriptions to be used. thanks
  13. I see on the tech section we have one that is leaking, I hope he can get this resolved under warranty.

    I still haven't installed mine yet and my car is put away for the winter now. (I'm too busy getting my shop done)

    I will get it in when I get time and send some pics.
  14. bump from the dead--is there any way we can maybe get a small stangnet discount if we purchase a 2nd radiator?
  15. id like to try and get down on this one if we do... isnt there a certain one i need since im runnin an auto? i never see it on any websites :(
  16. Has anybody installed one of these with a Vortech yet? Curious to see how close it is to the belt.
  17. punisher, i sent you an email, inphiniti, i sent you an email also.