Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. hell ****ing yeah!!!:nice: :nice: :nice:
  2. I was a little dissappointed in this GB:( I remeber the thread where there was atleast 15-25 people wanted to do a GB and you only got ten and a couple more after words but Atleast it finally went down. I hope to see pics when everyone gets them installed!:D :nice:

    Ive got to say that is one heck of a price for a perfomance Rad. :nice:
  3. Yea I figured they would have been back ordered again after the GB. lol
  4. Can't wait:D

    I have a ? for you guys, how do you post pics?? I want to be able to post some so they just come up on the thread, not where you have to click on a link. Also what is a good size to post? I just got a new digital camera and was wondering what size of pic's to take for posting of the install. Plus I just bought another Saleen that I would like to post some being shipped...I just checked and it's in Heflin,Al right now....where ever that is??

    Thanks, Tom
  5. Go to and set up and acct. Then you can upload your pics and it will automatically resize them for you. Then once they are uploaded there will be a few things under the pic. copy the one that has the {img} {/img} but the {'s will be ['s. Then they will show up fine.

  6. From our experience, its pretty similar all over the online forums. Either import or domestic. you normally have bout 3 times the amount who want a GB, but then only 20-25% of them actually do the group buy.. a lot of times people want a group buy but just dont have the money to actually do it. I am glad that we got the 10 people who got in on this, its a great deal for the product your getting.

    I would love to see pics when they are all installed and if anyone has any problems or questions, please contact us by phone or email [email protected].

    We got notice that the truck has left the warehouse and is on its way to us. Shouldnt be but a few days (3 or so) before they arrive us, pending weather or anything crazy. (random truck hijack by honda civics):lol:

    <B>Anyone who wants a 12" or 14" Fan with their radiator, we have 12" instock and 14" on the truck on its way. We can combo them for you if you want an upgrade, please let us know by phone or email. :thumbup:
  7. How much would the fans be and are the universal ones, or do they fir the radiators?
  8. Does this thread need un-stuck, as it's been a while for this GP?
  9. Update? It seemed that these would have hit your shipping dock today?

  10. They should be shipping in few more days. If you want to wait he can post here to inform us.....or he can start a new one. It's your call:D
  11. I'll wait. Not a problem at all to leave it to make sure you guys are taken care of. It's best to keep it all in one place and stay organized.

    Thanks for the response.
  12. Too late to get in the group buy? My Griffin radiator just sprung a leak. I have cash right now to buy in, if I can. I'd want one for a manual.
  13. Its too late:(

    They are still a great deal at $189.99!!
  14. Few more days? On thurs last week he said they would hit his dock in 3 days, that would have meant Monday....

    I know I am being impatient but right now my car is just about overheating WITHOUT the A/C on....
  15. You can still get 5% off if you buy before the GB ones ship out. I just sent my payment via paypal a couple days ago and took the 5% off, saves not quite $10 anyways.

  16. Any status on these?
  17. I emailed the seller last Thursday I think it was but have not heard anything yet.

    If I don't hear anything tomorrow I will call him and post it on here.