Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. I sent an e-mail to them.

    I'll post up if I hear anything from them.
  2. O.K. Here's the Email that was sent to me. It was out of their control that the 94-95's were not in their first shipment. They should be arriving in port tomorrow. If anyone has more questions Mike would be happy to talk to you. His # is 850-791-6459. If you can't wait he will refund your money and he does carry other brands so he might still be able to help you out.:D

    "Tom, the truck arrived late Friday. It was to be here earlier in the week but I didn't realize they didn't move during weekends. On that truck there was no 94-95 5 Speed Radiators. I contacted the manufactory and they informed us they all didn't show up at the same time and there was a second truck that will be sent to us. That truck had 05+ and a few others which are all sold out at this time. They are also re boxing and packing the radiators to make sure there is less damage and problems while in transit. A few ppl notice punctures on the old boxes which can cause fin and other issues with the radiators. The update I got this morning on the new shipment of radiators is as follows;

    ETA at port is on the 8th. Probably won't get to us by the end of the week/early next week.

    As soon as they come in, we'll get them out to you. We are going to start running the labels and will be emailing those to you in one bulk email. You can post their tracking number if you want or personal im's either way. I don't think anyone going to show up at someone's house and take the package, but you never know either. This will be done once i get the new measurements for the boxes. In the mean time, I will start to process the 5% discounts so that people feel a bit better on the situation. I wish i had more control but i am at the hands of both the manufactory and the delivery service.

    Thank you for your Business,

    Michael "
  3. Well, **** happens. As long as I get mine Im happy. I planned on waiting anyway. lol
  4. As long as we can keep getting updates I guess I can live with the fact that my stock rad pooped on me today. Guess I am driving my truck until this arrives huh?
  5. Me Too!:nice:

    Bummer:( Glad you have the truck! It should be worth the wait!
  6. yeah i don't have my motor finished yet, so no rush, but would love to see that beautiful piece of aluminum sitting in my room motivating me to finish the car!
    keep us updated bro, thanks!
  7. I forgot to mention that I did call and talk to him about this whole thing. I hadn't read my email yet that I showed you guys.

    This was out of their control and they were told that they were going to be on the last shipment.
  8. thanks to the guys that are keeping us updated!
  9. O.K. I got the tracking #'s and I posted them on the first page, on my first post under the list of screen names. There was an extra that called in after the group buy so thats why there is 11 names.

    I posted your real name along with the tracking #'s. I didn't keep track of your screen name to your real name so I just did it this way.

    The rad's have NOT shipped yet.........he just has everything ready so when they come in he can ship them right out. He will let me know when they ship!!:nice:
  10. Phew... I got very impatient without my car and Rednecked my radiator shut with crimping and that radiator repair clay stuff...

    I hope it holds until these show up.

    Please let us know when they ship!!
  11. you rock, dude! :flag:
  12. Sweet!

    Sorry for being impatient:( Very excited now..... thank you everyone who was involved!:hail2:
  13. So can we get an ETA on when they will arrive and be shipped?
  14. I will call him tomorrow!!
  15. Checked my email and this is the latest!! I didn't have a chance to call today.
    I will call for sure tomorrow.:nice:


    "ok i got confirmation they have arrived and they have been confirmed they are there. they are being loaded onto a truck today and ill see them around tue/wed. if i get any updates before that ill let you know. i do have about 2-4 extra's on the way if anyone missed out , they can pick them up at the 189.99 price but need to do so asap. "
  16. That's their website price right now, and the price I ordered mine for outside of the group buy. ALso looks like they printed my label already, the website has my order but UPS hasn't actually received the package yet.

    Considering this is Wednesday night, here's hoping those radiators have come in already.
  17. So you were the guy that bought one after the GB which is why I posted 11 people :D

    Yes he made up all the labels in advance so when they get to him they can go out right away!!

    I hope he has them and can ship today!!!!!!