Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. Actually, I must be #12 because my name isn't on that list of 11. Got my tracking number from the KTeller website.
  2. I called and left a message. I never heard back.

    Now I'm assuming that it is next tues,wed that he is talking about getting the rad's.

    If I hear anything I will let you know.

  3. You're right, I am probably #11. Although I thought I was too late to get in the group buy and when I sent the payment I only took 5% off of the website price of $189. My name and tracking # is on that list. Oh well, that's what I get for not calling first I guess:shrug: . As long as these actually do come in, I'll be happy. :)

  4. Ok guys, you can check your tracking numbers as they have begun to ship out. the tracking will tell you when its schd to arrive.. if anyone has any problems with their numbers not showing up on, please let me or tom on here know.
  5. YAY... Mine will be here tomorrow and installed this weekend if I can wait that long... :)
  6. Hmm, I ordered mine separate from the group buy because I thought it was too late, and they said they were gonna get in a shipment tomorrow (Wed.) and that thy were gonna ship mine out then...hopefully this is true!
  7. if you ordered yours outside of the group and used our website, tracking is posted on the account on the website. if you called it in or did something other then that, please call us with your full name and address and ill check to get you a tracking number and make sure. we had about 10 or 11 from the site and then several other random customers and other places order, there is no way for me to know who is from where if you didnt order with the actual group.
  8. Thank you! Since I posted, I actually received the radiator! Very quick service, and very nice to deal with...thanks! Looks like a real quality piece:nice:
  9. Sweet, mine will be here Friday. Thanks
  10. I just looked at mine... it is a nice looking piece and seems to have all the proper bosses and brackets on it. If the stars aligh I will try to install tomorrow before the heat comes in later in the week...
  11. if anyone would like to or wouldnt mind doing a how to install with pictures and comments, i would be thankful and wouldnt mind offering a % kickback or store credit if they so wish.

    if so, please contact me at [email protected] with your pictures/detailed how to write up.
  12. Are we supposed to get another email notification of the extra 5% from the GB? I haven't seen mine and you originally said when the radiators ship, mine has been in the garage for 2 days.

  13. I just got my radiator, and man, this is one nice piece.

    And they left the paper on it that shows their cost. :rlaugh:
  14. Ill just say we got a good deal. We mark up out paint at Sherwin more than they marked up the radiator.
  15. i knew someone was going to ask.

    When I saw it I knew we got a good deal.... there is a LOT of work in these things...
  16. Hopefully mine will be here soon!!!!!!
  17. Ahh yes....

    So anyway s351saleen isn't it nice to live in the furthest corner of the country?........... Monday....... i hope......
  18. Mine came thursday and I put it in last night along with a new battery and HID kit. The fitment is good, it is considerably thicker than the stock one. It is a bit of a pain to get past the A/C lines, but no biggie
  19. Check the filler neck before removing the old radiator. It was too late for me. I pulled th cap off and the filler neck surface has several chunks gouged out of it. I won't even waste my time installing it to see if it seals.