GT-40 Crate Engine Install

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Hey I was thinking about buying the gt-40 crate engine for my 1990 Mustang 5.0 LX with AUTOMATIC tranny...its rebuilt with shift kit and custom2400 stall converter so u know. Has ANYONE bought this crate engine...i think i want the next up from the cheapest one...its 315 HP i think? has anyone bought this and installed it by themselves.. I don't have really any experiance with an engine swap. but this seems somewhat easy.... What total modifications would i have to do if this engine drops right in...i know i gotta slap an intake on there...and there anytign else..waht about my computer and all the sensor hook ups and all the electrical ****...does everything fit all together stock?
    And the price of this is about 3195 i believe...ive seen it at one site for 2995...anyone know where i can get it for cheaper..and a good reliable site to get it from...thanks!
  2. also i forgot to ask....what about the whole fuel injection setup...will that work on that crate engine?? how hard is it to buy this engine, set it up and drop it in and turn the key is what im asking..
  3. Dont know any cheaper. Yes slap on the lower/upper intake, BUTsince its crate engine you will need an adaption kit for it (its like 200$) this will make everything fit.

    I just decided to get a remanufactured 225/300 short block and pop on a supercharger. The remanufactured is only 1400$!!! and they are made with better parts than the originals. for 3000$ i could by the stock block for 1400$ and still have 1600$ to spend on modifications that would make u cry. (supercharger? 5-6PSI = 1799$ WAS THE CHEAPEST) so i'd be making more power.
  4. Hey man where are u getting this remanufactured engine it fully assembled..i wouldnt think for not doing just looking for a sweet better performance engine over stock to drop in with no problems..and have fun with it..which i hitnk the gt40 will do for me..

    7 year, 70K mile warranty. It is assembled as much as the crate engine. You need to take your old lower/upper intake and oil plan prolly. so 1400 for that engine and alternator etc etc just like with a crate engine. But its cheaper.
  6. You can read the description. No problems like the old engine. ALL NEW PARTS. Block is cleaned, no leaking O-rings, no gasket leaks. ETC.

  7. Hmm thats freakin crazy for the price thats cheap....i dunno though...does it have the power of the gt-40 though..or does have the gt-40 heads and thats where the power is..but if ur adding a supercharger it might be a better buy for u..i just want performance outta the box ya know..better off with the gt-40 for me?
  8. your money, you do what you want with it.

    I was gonna get a new transmission 1200$ and new engine for 1400$ so for a 0 miles car, i would only pay around 3K$ thats crazy, for a new car, that is a 5.0 Thats why i did it.
  9. thats good thinkin...i already got a rebuilt tranny that part is done...i spent 2 grand on that...
  10. A few things from that website makes me wonder. Badger pistons? Forged? Cast? Hypers?

    Honed valve guides? Not new?

    Also the warranty is "up to $400".
  11. ye exactly black_bullit...and i cant mess around with junk...u think the best bet for me is to buy the gt-40..should basicallly drop in and i should no problems right? best bang for the buck?
  12. latham- the gt40 crate is a good motor, just keep a couple things in mind
    it does not have forged pistons, they are hypereutectic
    it has no warranty at all, whatsoever

    for what i've seen, $3,000 is a good price.

    get someone involved that has done an engine swap before, having a hand is always good. and one last thing, if you only have the money for the motor right now, DON'T DO IT. any project require more parts and tools and all kinds of other crap. don't go for it unless you have the money to cover the motor and shipping, plus $1,000. you'll need a hoist, tools, and odds and ends.

    good luck

  13. i wont be running a supercharger at all so forged doesnt matter...and theres nowhere i can buy it from to get a warrenty?? that kinda sucks...what if i have trouble with it?? is there any other fully assembled moters for around 3000 bucks that have warrentys and that would work for me?
  14. no ford racing parts have warranties. in order to get one, you'll probably need to buy a remanufactured engine.
  15. Gt-40


    I dropped in a GT40x crate in about 6 months ago. I had help but to answer some of your questions, balancer, water pump and oil pan was needed from my old 5.0 motor. Used existing injectors and all electrical parts matched up. Bought it from Ford and the price is the same for the 315 and the 345 crate. About 3100.00 out the door with NO WARRANTY as the other guys mentioned! B-cam is rated 345 fwhp and E-cam is 340. Also Ford decided to hold back one of my valve keepers so make sure you pull the covers to check your $*it! I'm sure it was a fluke but it doesn't take long to check it out! Good Luck!
  16. wow thanks dude that helps alot...
    im glad to know everything matched up well...
    so if i buy this all i should do is just pull the covers and check it over quick..and then jus tdrop her in...
  17. its doesnt take long to take the valve covers off, especially if its a new engine they will come right off. Better safe than sorry.
  18. yea i dont know engines got 165 grand on it and only has a couple leaks..doesnt burn..i think im just gonna rip some stuff off of it, replace some gaskets..and do a compression test...if it turns out fine im just gonna throw on a set of new heads i think

  19. Honestly, you cant just judge a book by its cover. I know a mechanic/efi tuner that had a gt40 block that ran low 10s with a six lb. street blower, so who knows, man. Good luck!

  20. Ive got a set of performer rpms, fully polished, 202 valves, cnc ported with about 1000 miles on them for sale. Ill be willing to take $750 b/o for them, if you or anyones interested!