GT 40 Heads

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  1. Do they make a better brand of heads then gt40 heads. What I mean is some thing for a 351w. All I hear about is gt40 heads, is their anything better. What do you guys think:shrug:
  2. Why are they better, and where can I get them.
  3. shop around to any mustang or high performance supplier, there are many different heads out there. AFR = Air Flow Research and they make a few different aluminum heads depending on your application. there is also edelbrock, trick flow, holley, etc who all make heads for your motor. start at or and shop around for Ford 5.8 heads. lots of good stuff out there.
  4. the alum gt-40s AFAIK flow better than the irons, then edelbrock then u get up into TFS and AFR heads they are the good flowers.