GT-40P head combo....Spark plug issues????

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by unclejackrock, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. I would like to do a P head, E cam, and Eddy intake combo on a 91 LX. How can I make it work w/ standard shorty headers??? Special plugs??? Wires??? HELP!!!!!!!

    Also, what kinda power can I expect from this combo?? Can I use the stock fuel system and TB and mass air???
  2. You need Ford Explorer spark plugs. Mustang plug wires work fine. Don't know if the headers will fit. They do make Gt40p specific headers. I've read of people making some other aftermarkets fit.
  3. On my 94 I used standard (foxbody) LTs on my 94, but I reworked the number 3 tube on the driver's side(used some header tubing from Shoenfield, they are located here) and cut and welded in a bend to work, also on my friends 88 GT w/ P's we used his Mac shorties that he has had for a couple years now, but we had to hammer in the tube pretty good to make it clear the last plug and we both use standard mustang plugs, make sure you get plug wires with 90 degree boots. I would def. recommend a MAF if nothing else, I still have the stock one and my dyno numbers were quite a bit lower than others with similar combos and I honestly believe that is choking mine quite a bit.
  4. When installing equal length shorties on my car, I found out that my car has P heads on it. The drivers side header fits perfectly fine. The primaries on number 6 and 7 cylinder are too close. The only way to fix it is if you have a welder. My Pops cut and welded the headers to fit. It was a very small part of the primary and wasn't really a big deal, it took about 5 minutes.

  5. you have to use different plugs and yes I would definately use the mac headers for p heads or motorsport ones I use the motorsport ones.