GT-500 = Boat

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  1. :hail2:

    Amen Brother!

    These cars a sweet. I saw three at a local mustang show this morning and the crowd was wild about these things. Also at the show were some Roush, Cervini, Saleen 3V, and one Foose Stallion (nice looking car)...

    Not to hijack the thread, one thing I did notice is the relatively HIGH suspension, especially in the rear of the GT500. These things could stand to be lowered. Why do they come that high stock? Is it a weight issue? I think the stance would improve immensely with a dropped look, much like the PJ Saleen...

    my 2 cents.

  2. Hey Chuck:

    I don't know for sure but mine has already settled an inch or more (got just over 1000 miles on it now), and I'm glad it's not any lower in the front because my front air dam already scrapes the concrete pulling into my garage (downhill aproach). I think the rear is so high so you can put 28" slicks on the back for drag racing purposes!!

    p.s. Did I mention that I love my boat?? It ROCKS! :hail2:

  3. The only thing I can see is the mark-up on the Challenger. It should be steep because of the retro look. I think it will go for $35-36k myself and come in at 38-4000lbs.
  4. Who would drive GT500 on daily basis? I guess not many.
    Besides, you don't have to give up A/C, second row seats, power everything, etc to go fast.
    STI and Evo both weigh under 3400lbs. Both under 35K and fast.
    Now, lets stop kissing Ford's ass and let's be honest: GT500 needs diet bad, especially in the front.
    People are impressed by HP numbers, but they forget other specs.
    I have an advice for Ford and Shelby: Build a super big, super heavy 6,000 lbs tank-like mustang, drop in a big 750hp engine and call it the most affordable super-car. :lol: And you'd be surprised how many stupid buyers would pay over MSRP just to get one. And in the end it would be no faster than 03-04 cobra.:bang:
  5. You are a TROLL you go from thread to thread bagging on cars. WHAT A LOSER!
  6. I'm honest. Even though I'm still a mustang fan, I'm not afraid to criticize Ford. Too many here in this forum do nothing but kiss Ford's ass.
  7. Your out of line but very entertaining. The lack of knowledge is amazing in some of these forums!

    Does anyone honsetly think FORD made the GT 500 for the strip and nothing else? That wouldn't be a smart move they made a kick A$$ car for people to enjoy and take pride in knowing they have a item of historical American value reguardless of anyones opinions, its a fact it is a collectors item!:lock:
  8. Well I don't know if you guys have seen this but there making a track-only competition GT500 which the Curb weight is a trim 3,100 pounds, about 800 pounds less than the conventional Shelby GT500.

    "The blue, track-only competition GT500 has a 5.0-liter Cammer engine that puts out more than 500 horsepower and is mated with a six-speed sequential shift race transmission. The brakes have six-piston front calipers with two-piece rotors; the rears have four-piston calipers with two-piece rotors. There are an 8.8-inch full floating rear axle, three-way adjustable dampers, a GT-spec rear wing, a carbon fiber nose splitter, a 22-gallon fuel cell and three-piece BBS racing wheels. Curb weight is a trim 3,100 pounds, about 800 pounds less than the conventional Shelby GT500."
  9. Collector's items are items that people don't realise need collecting at the time. It's rarity that makes something collectible. In 10 years time, there'll be 70000 plus Shelby GT500s available - every one an heavy SVT product using a Shelby badge and a Shelby licence. The only winner here is Shelby.

    The drag strip is the only place a cast iron engine is going to be any good as having an anvil in the nose is a classic recipe for plough-on understeer.

    Have a look at the Shelby website. No Mustangs on there with a cast iron engine....
  10. Yep thats why ford built it to apease Shelby....get real. Its an instant classic and theres been no other car hyped or bagged on like this one. All this = classic!:flag:
  11. There is no such thing as "an instant classic"

    The GT-500 is the most over hyped vehicle since the automobile was invented.

    The 1968 GT-500KR is a collectable because only 1,251 were made. There will be about 28,000 2007-2009 GT-500s made. 28,000 of anything = NOT collectable & NOT classic.

    Once the Boss Mustang comes out in 2010 with 500+ HP from a normally asprirated 6.2L Boss engine, the values of GT-500s will tank as almost no one will care about them.
  12. What Ford built was a very nice cruiser. That was clearly their intent, and they succeeded. It is hardly the fastest straight line car available, and it is not going to win may contests in the twisties either. It's heavy, with a big engine, comfy soft seats, and good looks. It's a cruiser, pure and simple. Enjoy it for that. If you are after raw performance over all else, there are better choices.

    Bzzzt, wrong. The 2007 GT500 is named after a piece of American history. At the quantities they are building of this car, it will not be collectable -- especially with all the silly people who think it is going to be collectable and keep one stored away in the garage :lol:. On the bright side, in a few years you'll be able to get cheap GT500's with almost zero wear & tear and miles once those people realize it's just another Mustang.
  13. Shelby must be laughing all the way to the bank. There's no shortage of mugs out there. No wonder e-mail scams are so popular.
  14. I bet there were alot of people calling the 76 Mustang King Cobra an instant classic too....

    Just like the Bullitt was an instant classic

    Just like the Terminator was an instant classic

    Just like the 05 Thunderbirds ........

    Just like the Lightnings..........

    Just like the 04 Mach 1s........

    Being over hyped does not make somthing a classic...

    Im not saying it will never be a classic just.....

    The name classic is something that can only be earned by age-

  15. Well put.

    I came close to buying one of these a few months ago for 10k over MSRP, then I woke up. :notnice:

    I realized the 'hype' of this car is what is driving the ADMs. That hype won't be around at resell. I can already see a bunch of guys trying to convince 2nd buyers down the road how these cars were all the talk back in 2005-2006, then the bottom fell out by 2008.

    This is a nice car. I like it for 43k... I just can't bring myself to pay over that for a 7-8k per year build number.

    I'd do it if they were only building 500-1000.

    Not to hijack too much, but the saleen PJ edition is a true limited build = 500 units - 1 for Parnelli himself = 499 cars being built.


  16. All of the mustangs are too heavy!

    My 90lx stock weight is 4230lb. With only 210 at the crank. I had to upgrade just to keep up with hondas. My crx was faster than my mustang is. Ford is screwing up.

  17. Yeah... just like a 93 Cobra kept in the garage and not driven isn't a collectors item today either. :rolleyes: It's barely more than a GT.

    Just like any Fox GT found with barely any miles on it, would not be a collectors item today.

    I'd hazard a guess that anyone in this forum would be drooling over the chance to buy a pristine Fox with next to no miles on it. How would it be any different for the new car? The ones that aren't wrapped around trees by ass-children with rich mommies or modified to point where they're are not recognized will all fetch a good return in 10 years. Those that are kept like new and not driven... they'll be worth a hell of a lot more than they are today.
  18. All I’m going to say about the price and being a classic or not, is how many cars have you ever seen that went for 20k+ over MSRP for almost 6 months and don’t look like they’ll be at sticker any time soon? The terminators were not like this. Yes they sold for over sticker but not 20k+ over and not for 6 months after release. People are putting down payments down agreeing to pay 20k over still for the 08s that you can’t even order until May!! I heard from a very reliable friend at Ford (brother-in-law) that has been working on some prototypes that around 18,000-20,000 max will be made in two years with a third year not likely.

    I honestly don’t care if it will be a collectors car or not and no one really should, buy the car to drive it not to keep it in a garage and hope to make money off it. We bought one and it should be here this week. We’re going to drive it and enjoy it for what it is.

    As for the weight issue all you need to do is a few mods to it and I think you’ll all forget about it weighing in at almost 4,000lbs. :nice:
  19. Say what?

    A 90LX weights about 3230 lb
  20. bout to say his scale was off by 1k lbs. prolly a 4 banger and that's why the civics gave him so much trouble.