GT-500 delayed? ?

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  1. According to a report on Stang's Unleashed, the front snout is breaking off the crankshafts. The problem may be due to the very large and heavy vibration damper (different than the Lightning used).

    This could be why customers can't seem to get confirmation on their GT-500 orders but people who have ordered regular 2007 Mustangs are getting DORAs and VINs.

  2. un-frigging-believable! :eek:
  3. what would Homer say? :) I have that .wav file on my pc.
    they never would open the hood of that concept car either.
  4. There's a thread on that board that the GT-500 may be delayed until January '07.
  5. Argh! I'm not waiting on one, but I need in the GT500 parts bin for my '06 GT. I wonder if parts will be delayed along with the car, or will they start to set all of that up? I need the supercharger coolant tank, front mount heat exchanger with bracketry, electric pump with bracket, and all hoses. They're killin' me...
  6. 2007 cobra cancelled

    I heard from a Ford tech that Ford was considering cancelling the 2007 gt500 because of the crankshaft hold and the fact that Premium fuel will be out of sight by summer and no telling how high after that. He said that Ford could pull the plug at any time and didn't know if they would EVER build it. If Ford keeps losing money like they have the last year or so they may not be building anything. Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. All together now, can you say:

    Major league f-up
  8. Oh well, since this whole mark ups and all that bs it serves them right.

    I still got my beautiful black coupe......
  9. Think about all the peeps that put down money already.
  10. I meant Ford actually, not the people who put the money down.

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    I have a bridge to sell you. Cheap.
  12. Do you honestly think the Government would not step in Ford was going to shut down entirely? Please they did it for Dodge/Chrysler. They would do it for Ford or GM. That's just too many people to have unemployed at one time.

    As for the fuel prices. So you honestly think Ford takes the price into consideration? Mileage yes price no. Otherwise they would have even more reason not to make SUV's.

    As for cancelling the GT500. Since they already have the order info out and apparently are taking orders. My bet is someone fed you BS and you swallowed it whole. Even when they cancelled the 2000 Cobra. They did not take orders for it.
  13. Whether they cancel it or not, to much more of a delay will not do ford any favors. With the Challenger on the horizon plenty of people a will jump ship especially if they continue with these crazy mark ups.
  14. What makes you think that they won't mark up the Challengers and Camaros when they come out. The SRT/SS models will definately command a premium, but maybe not as much of a markup as the Shelby because of the name and history.
  15. Fomoco can pull the plug on any vehicle they fill like at any time. Like GM who have spent billions of $ shutting down projects and planned platforms that they had spent billions on during tool-ups. Ford can and will do the the same thing if it's not in their best interest. Ford shut down the 2006 lightning f-150,svt focus. How about SVT? A great division of fomoco who built great vehicles is no more. you can't tell me that the price of oil and gas won't dictate what type of vehicles Ford or GM will build. They are all about making money and what is good for their companys. If this crankshaft fiasco doesn't go away soon it may be Jan. 2007 before anybody sees a Shelby. From what my local dealer tells me is that any orders placed for gt500's are just computer placements. No orders have been added to fords build order system. no prices have been set. No numbers are quantifiable yet. The only Shelby GT500 that I KNOW will be built is the one that sold for $600,000.
  16. Umm you can't really just compare the 2006 lightning cancellation to the shelby gt500 since it has already been confirmed it will be built and the final production model has already been shown. I bet it would cost more money for Ford to cancel the car then to build it. I don't see how it is possible for them to even cancel it cause I'm sure they got contracts and such with suppliers.
  17. Svt dead?
    Cancelled Lightning and SVT Focus. Yes but before they had order info and orders being taken.
    There was a post on this forum from someone claiming to work for a supplier. Who was building 2000 parts for this car you think they will cancel. I'd bet they aren't the only ones. At this point it would likely be more expensive to pull the plug than fight it out.
  18. Since I started this thread, here is the other side of the crankshaft story.

    According to a dealer person on TMS who was on a GT500 conference call, yes some early GT500 prototypes had crankshaft failures. But they were early prototypes that did not have all the final spec. parts in the engines.

    With production spec. parts there is not a crank problem and 6/6/06 Job 1 is still a go with first shipments to dealers starting on 6/26/06 (if there aren't any problems).

    He also said that as shipped from the factory the GT500s will be HP restricted to limit abuse by car jockeys during the shipping process. Before delivery the dealer will unlock all the HP the GT500s has which is reportedly more than the 485 HP rating Ford is currently using.

    On the downside, only 7,070 GT 500s are allocated to the US for 2007 and 7,330 for 2008.

    Hope this news makes you GT-500 fans happy.