gt-500 for 70k?

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  1. I was at my local Ford dealership yesterday looking for a car to commute out to school in next year and found out they are an svt dealership which I didnt know.
    Anyway they had a Ford GT sitting in the showroom and I asked how much it was, the salesguy says, well the msrp is 150k but we just turned down an offer for 190k.
    So then I ask if their going to be getting any gt-500s and he says yea, we are getting two. I ask how much their going to end up selling for and he says how much did you hear it was going to go for, im like somewhere in the 40k range, hes like yea their probably going to end up selling for 30k over that. So just what I heard from him at least at that dealership their going to go for like 70k and Ford is only making a limited number.
  2. Let that $70k GT500 for a year or more without selling and then see what that guy says about the price.
  3. I'd say that guy is full of bs but i'm not sure. i'd say they'll prolly go for close to 50 the first 6 months to a yr then they'll drop
  4. $70k? ... $50k? ...

    I'll definately wait.
  5. i emailed several SVT dealers in houston. the only reply that mentioned a price said it would be $2500 (twenty five hundred) over list. i don't like paying over list, but $2500 seems more like something someone could rationalize and is way different that $30,000 which would elicit a big f*** you from me to the dealer.
  6. You could get two Terminators with mods for that price.
  7. Dealer is full of crap. I was told that the Mustang GTs were "Rare" and Ford was not going to be upping production to keep the a rare item. :rlaugh: RIIIIIIIGHT. Ford just announced a 70% increase if production of the mustangs based on demand. They don't have the luxury to not sell all they can. The dealers will get screwed as always and they are trying to generate false demand.
  8. sheesh that better not be. I am already set on buying one but my budget does not allow for 70k. If they overprice it, how do they think they can compete with the corvette if they make their performance cars almost untouchable
  9. 70 grand indeed! They will probably do 25 at the auction 18 mos. later. These cars will be similar to the Terminators and ZO6s that took a huge 1st-2nd owner hit. I've been around this stuff for a long time and have seen this happen over and over. Bing, Bang, Bust. Be carefull with this one guys. Paying any premium in the early phase is a good way to get your financial face kicked in.
  10. will all ford dealers get some of these cars or will it be just svt dealers?
  11. How in the world would that place turn down a $190,000 offer on a car with a sticker of $150,000. You were talking to the villiage idiots of Ford dealerships. :rlaugh:

  12. There is a rumor going around that ford is going to do away with svt dealers being the only ones to get svt and that all ford dealers will be able to purchase these
  13. Beause even though ford only asked 150,000 for the cars they are going for much much much more
  14. Yeah, but they turned down 190?!?!!?!?!
  15. The Ford GT is a very special car with very limited production and was going head to head with cars in the $300K and above price range and winning. The new shelby will be made in much larger numbers and if it get close in price to the new Z06 it flat won't sell. This is one hot car but it's not in the Super Car class.
  16. Yes it is true SVT is doing away with SVT only dealerships. You should be able to get them at any dealer when they come out, (Taken from Motor Trend, MSNBC Autos, and Auto Week) and to all you idiots that pay the mark up well you deserve to get screwed not only for paying it but making the rest of us that are smart enough to wait the extra months for the mark up to down because of you.

  17. :stupid:

    ..I definately will wait.
    But I'm wondering if Ford does away with SVT only dealerships...will joe mechanic (at "regular" dealers) be as knowledgeable (re: trustworthy) to work on your or my snake? :shrug:
  18. There aren't really any average joe techs at dealerships anymore they have to be certified by ford. And yes they will be knowledgeable to work on your snakes
  19. I hear ya KY...