gt-500 for 70k?

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  1. The most they will mark them up, i would say is 5K. The only facts are 5.4 s/c with a live axle with a sticker under 40K. Anything else you hear is BS!
  2. So the possible V10 that Ford is considering using is BS? I heard that on ShelbyForums.

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    That talk starts at post #34...
  3. HAHAHAHA! That is the most rediculous thing I've heard yet! It never was "possible" It is a fact that this car will have a 5.4L (330 CID) 4V motor
  4. I think that this idea came from information on the shelby Cobra roadster concept. While that is a possibility, as this car would be positioned against the viper, there is no way that this will make it into a Mustang.
  5. Good, I personally think a V10 would be ridiculous. I would rather have a V8 than a V10.
  6. I feel sorry for you guys that don't have fair price dealers neer you. We have at least three fair price ford dealerships here that never charge over sticker. They even level with you about the cash back bonuses.
  7. Paying sticker for a run of the mill mustang GT will surely drive up the price of a" GOT TO HAVE STRIPE 60's MUSCLE CAR." This retro thing has a short shelf life.Be carefull and spend your money wisely or you will be upside down in a BIG way.
  8. Just like some other guys, I stopped by my area Ford dealership to check on the status of the Shelby and to put down a deposit. The manager there, whom I have dealt with several times in the past, told me that the cars would initially be selling for at least $20 thousand over sticker. Then depending on supply may come down. He put it very simply when he said that people are willing to pay for the Shelby name and a piece of history. And really, if you think about it that what this car is. My plan was actually to put a deposit on a car, but unfortunately the only deposit they wanted was $10,000. They wouldn’t take any less, and that was just to be put on the list for when one does come it. I had 5,000 cash ready to go, but he insisted on 10. I’m not so sure that I will be dealing there anymore. In the past the guy has always been great to me. I think the dealerships know they have a money maker on their hands and are going to squeeze every dime out they can. Lets just hope they eventually cut us a break. Like alot of people I can see paying 40 or 45 for the Shelby, but once it gets much higher than that I’m out!!!
  9. 20 k over sticker thats crazy man i need to talk to my dealer
  10. 20k over sticker!

    ...holy sheet, lets hope not. But it might be a reason for me to wait (and hopefully) pick one up "pre-owned".
  11. Guys, these dealers are not stupid enough to think that anyone is going to pay 50 or 60 grand for a Mustang. This is real cheap psychology
    to get people to buy them for the sticker price. They did the same thing with the Mach1s which were to be a 1 year run of aroud 3k units. They ended up building over 15 thousand of them.
  12. This vehicles will be marked up, $20K? Well maybe for that guy that just has to have the first one is his state. I can tell you that these vehicles will be hot! Yes, they will use a 5.4L SCed V8 putting out 500horse and they will hang with the Z06 and Viper, our main competitor. So to put a $41K sticker on a vehicle that can tango with those guys, it's only natural that a good amount of people will happily pay a bit more over sticker. How much more over sticker? Well that depends on your personal preference. If I were you, looking to put a deposit, do your homework. As of right now, the only allocation "publicly" known is that all current SVT dealers will get ONE unit just for being SVT. I've heard of several dealerships that have already sold them. But for those of you thinking about going that route, is it a risk, nothing has been sold to the dealerships by Ford, thus there are no garauntees that those "sold" units will be available.
  13. ....and don't forget, the 04 SVT Power Lease people get first dibs, since this is the next SVT "Cobra" (even know it's a Shelby COBRA GT500)

  14. That is totally insane !! A $10k deposit?? I'd love to know the name of that dealership. Never heard of such a thing on a $40k car.
  15. Well, I am one of those stupid who already paid 5K over MSRP. Dealer made 5K and whatever his invoice price is. I don't care. I will have my Cobra for @ 45K. I think it is a good deal. Remember, there are 3.600 Ford dealers, most will only get one car, SVT will get 4, the production run will be @ 7.000 with no word from Ford for another production run in 2008. In the black market it could eventually sell for @60K. Think of supply and demand.
  16. naa, I think they will end up putting out over 7000 units.
  17. Well unless they have changed drastically in the last month. They are doing away with SVT only dealerships. Every ford dearlership can and will get them. They are going to build as many as they demand. And for anybody paying over sticker well let me hit you in the head with a tack hammer.
    I am on a list when the dealer gets the order forms first ones up there on the list with a $1000 non returnable down payment get one at @ sticker and this dealer is a saleen/roush/svt dealer and I have bought my cobras from them so they are straight.
  18. What dealership is this? I dont mind a road trip for a "guarenteed" deal like that!!!
  19. i have heard that SHELBY has said that any dealer charging over sticker would be "black balled" and from a very reliable source that dealears could be reprimanded from FORD financially. there is no reason a sane person would pay twenty grand over sticker . this is the reason car dealers have such a bad reputation.
  20. That's BS! They will charge over sticker for this car. Look at the intrest in it 1 yr out. Ford really can't even make Mustang GT's fast enough for the public.