GT 500 or Saleen

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  1. Ok in reading this forum I have heard the price for the GT 500 at around $45000-$50000?
    So the question is do I wait for the GT 500 to come in 2006-07 out or do I go ahead and buy a Saleen for $47000 today?

  2. You buy a Mustang GT right now, you eat tuna sandwiches for the next 3 years and then you buy the Shelby. You don't want to have an only child do you :flag:
  3. GT 500 or Saleen ????

    decisions...decisions...'aint life wonderful?

    The Saleens are no doubt beautiful, and I once wanted one. Damn straight I did. But after I read (& was told/urged) how much stronger (engine internals, etc) the cobra is.. I made up my mind.

    So maestro here went and purchased an '01 to satisfy his immediate snake-lust.

    ..but.. I live for the day I own the Shelby. And I will. :hail2:

    good luck. :nice:
  4. 5.4L 4v > 4.6L 3v

    My vote - cobra
  5. Ok maybe I haven't seen it. But where are you finding the $45k price for the Shelby? I saw the supercharged Saleen for $56k today. I'm thinking 400hp at $56k without forged internals or 475hp for $40k with forged internals. Do the math and the Shelby comes out on top.
  6. The hardest part will be getting a dealer to sell you a GT 500 for MSRP, its not gonna happen.
  7. The dealer who sold me my GT for sticker is also selling me the Shelby for sticker. If that changes then we have no deal..simple as.
  8. Cobra without a doubt. The Saleen is beautiful and was my favorite, but now is a red-headed stepchild compared to the new snake. I think i'm in love :worship:
  9. MSRP off the Saleen website $47,994.00
  10. Yes that is MSRP with NO options. However you also have to add in this.
    Federal Gas Guzzler Tax
    $ 1,000.00
    Enclosed Transport to Dealer:
    $ 1,475.00
    So now base msrp at the dealer will be $50k+ with no options.
  11. So any geuss's on cobras out the door price?

  12. According to Car and Driver it should start at around $39,000 but you know how that goes. I would say it would be pretty difficult to get one that is less they $45. Hopefully it doesnt go to much further than that.
  13. I'm sure there are going to be dealers trying to charge much more than MSRP. You can even bet that some will try to ebay the right to pay MSRP. However eventually all the stupid people have theirs and sane people can buy for MSRP.
  14. COBRA any day of the week
  15. Let me get this're asking if you should buy the Saleen TODAY or wait a year for the Shelby?
    I say, get your butt in a Saleen today and see what happens with the Shelby down the road. If you like the Shelby better and can pick one up, sell the Saleen and get the Shelby. In the meantime, enjoy the Saleen.

  16. That sounds like a good way to throw a few G's down the drain. :shrug: Do you realize how much of a loss people taking by trading or selling a car after only one year. But hey, if you got it like that, go for it!!!
  17. Tough call, but if they only make a 1 year run of these "Shelby's" Cobras my vote would be for the striped Snake. :D
  18. Well, look at it this way. You can be driving home tonight, hit a tree, and it's all over. Life is unpredictable and too short. Who cares about a few bucks, get the Saleen and enjoy !!
  19. 7000 GT 500s and 50000 people who want them.... good luck!

    MSRP? you are joking right? I cant see anyone getting one for less than 50 big ones, but hey I've been wrong before.
  20. The GT500 will not have 475hp. It won't sticker for $48K as well, will they be sold for $48K...definitely though. Wait for the Cobra, that's my only regret with getting my first 'Stang, I SHOuld have waited for the Cobra...