GT 500 or Saleen

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  1. Only one year of production? Surely it will be at least 2 or 3. Anyone have info on that. Another thing...Saleen is overpriced. Why not buy a GT Coupe loaded 27K and install a supercharger for another 5K. You would have the same power as the Supercharged Saleen which retails 57K. Thank me later :flag:
  2. Just so I have this straight. You personally are going to come over to everyone's house install said supercharger. Do all the paint and buy the ground effects. Switch the seats and the wheels and suspension parts saleen does. Then guarantee it all for 3 years. So that I am only 32k into the car? Somehow I think you'll want a little more than a pat on the back. And a "good job".
  3. I have a buddy with a 95 saleen s351r with 26k miles on it. He says he's thinking of letting it go and asking me if I'm interested. I'll drive it next week and see if it makes any sense at all for me.

    He reports 498rwhp and 500#rwtq. Sounds like a fun beast.

    Be a damn shame to pass on the shelby. I'm assuming that I'll just wait, but you never know
  4. No you don't have it straight ya bumbling retaaaaad. I'm saying get a GT and a supercharger not a Saleen. Save your money.
  5. Except that the saleen is not just a supercharger. So saying just get a gt and a supercharger. Really is a well DUH moment. But only if you are only looking to go fast. No handling or interior or anything else. However if you are looking for the other things a saleen has then it is not overpriced. When compared to what it would cost aftermarket.
  6. The new Saleens are WAY over priced. But it would be better for me, if you did choose one over the GT500. :D
  7. Ok so you want it to handle like a the 999 dollar Saleen full suspension kit.

    Let's add some more about a CL Cold Air Kit and Predator Tune...700

    Let's throw some JBA Long tube headers....Off Road H-Pipe, and hell throw on the exhaust too. 1300

    You can have this supercharged monster for 35K...or you can buy the Saleen for another 57K because you like the seats. :lol:
  8. Now let's pay for the tech to install all those items. The cheapest shop here is $78 an hour. And since we are changing the suspension. We had better take it to alignment shop just to be safe. And you again missed the fact that it includes a fully painted body kit. Not that I want or need to have a body kit (Especially not the Saleen bodykit). But it is also included in the price. Not just the seats. For the additional $22k. Though it would be considerably less than that after paying for installation of all the items you have mentioned. And don't run your $35k supercharged gt very hard. Since you have voided the warrantee. Is the Saleen expensive? Yes. Is it overpriced when considering what it costs for all the added on parts and the installation on those parts. Not really.
  9. you forgot the brakes wheels and headlamps saleen puts on their cars as well

    but its not like those things are expensive :rlaugh:
  10. Yes. But since he only wants to go fast. It's not like he'd put better brakes on the car. :rolleyes:
  11. The GT Stock brakes can handle a SC fine, besides even with new bigger brakes and your gay body-kit it still rounds out to be CHEAPER :bang:
  12. Doing it yourself vs buying it done. :rolleyes:
    Old agrument and points. :notnice:
  13. Sorry not my body kit(As I told you before. I have zero interest in buying a saleen). And once again pay for the painting and installation of said pieces. But I suppose you don't want them painted. Kinda go for the ricer multicolor look. :nonono: But just for kicks let's do some math.
    $26,000 for a gt deluxe.
    $1100 for HID lights
    $1600 for body kit
    $5000 for supercharger
    $3000 for wheels and tires.
    $1000 for suspension pieces
    $900 for hood
    $3600 for brakes
    $600 for underdriver pulleys
    $300 for guage pod.
    $1000 for exhaust
    Grand total. $44,100. And that is not even paying for installation, shipping, or painting. Or any of the interior pieces. Those prices are straight off the saleen website. And while I think you'll agree. That some pf the prices are too high (like the underdrive pulleys). It's not all that cheap to build something like the saleen.
  14. Boy I hope you purchase a Saleen SVTdriver.

  15. Cobra's have always come from the factory optioned out, that $39,000 number would include all the goodies you will need.
  16. Not going to happen. Since they have already raised the price once (which made another potential buyer not interested). And I'm not real fond of the styling (wing and rear blackout section). And for what they want for the s/c version. I could likely build a better GT500. And I won't have to throw away the warrantee on the GT500. Saleen makes some good parts. And while I can afford them. I find myself unwilling to afford them.
  17. Butting in to the manners :notnice:
  18. I was laughed at by my boss when I asked if we'd get them down to $39K. Apparently the powers that be are working on meeting the $41K target from marketing.
  19. i dont think this is a truely fair comparison between two cars.. i mean its 5.4L vs. 4.6L.. when it comes down to it id go for the cobra, but the saleen is out there right now.. so it just depneds on how patient you are
  20. No way in he!! the Cobra is sellin for under 50K folks...The laws of supply and demand will not allow it...Especially if it only gets built for one year...