GT 500 Parts?

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  1. Anybody know if GT 500 parts have stock Ford numbers and can be purchased at your Friendly Ford Dealer?
  2. I think so. Someone in the Portland area has installed the GT 500 grill and other parts on his '06 GT vert.
  3. I'm certain they will...

    1968 and up Shelby parts carried Ford #'s and went through the Ford system (example: S8MS-13449-A was a taillight door, Ford simply used the letter "S" to begin the Shelby-specific numbers. I don't know if they'll do that with the new cars, considering that the part numbering system as gotten alot more complex/confusing today...)
  4. Absolutely. You may have trouble tracking down some of the part numbers early on though. I just ordered a bunch of GT500 intercooler system parts for my GT yesterday. My Ford guy used an inbound GT500 VIN to gain access to some of the hard-to-find part numbers.
  5. Using a VIN number sounds like a good trick. I'll see what the parts folks at my Friendly Ford dealer can do. I'm looking for the front lower spoiler. What they have on the GT 500 looks very good. I'm just not sure if it will fit my '05 GT fascia. But, it's worth a look.
  6. try this #. it is for a deflector, but not sure which one. might be the one you are looking for :shrug:

    5R3Z-17626-BA deflector, list price is only 30.97, so i am not sure if it is correct.

    i had the dealership look up the parts needed for conversion, but i got the new guy and he may have missed a few.

    i also have the part #/prices for most of the big parts. hood, bumper, fogs, headlights, grille, etc.
  7. GT 500 Rear Spoiler

    i ordered my 2005 Mustang GT without a rear spoiler, but I like the way the Shelby one looks, and thought about adding on of those....
  8. that would be a nice addition. make sure you find a really competent shop to drill the holes, or find a used trunk that already has the holes. i have seen many shop add a spoiler, but under the spoiler are several large holes, because they could not mark/drill the holes properly.
  9. GT 500 Rear Spoiler

    thanks mucho for the tip....will do.
  10. The Shelby should have Ford part numbers, cause it's all Ford. After all it's a SVT cobra mustang. I bet those 07 cobra parts aren't cheap.
  11. they are actually reasonable.
  12. August 1st, Shelby is suppose to put a lock down on parts from the regular buyers, rumor has it from Ford.