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  1. i hope my post didnt disrespect you in anyway, i came off abit harsh...

    well hell, if they are going for low prices out in washington state, then i am going out there :nice:

    i want me a vette... :D just seems like alot of them around here and all the autotraders i have seen, anything decent with less than 50K miles is well over 20K for any 95ish to 04 vette. 01-04's usually abit higher like low 30's to 40's still.
  2. We (wife and I) test drove 2 vettes before buying the GTO and they were low 30k mile cars 01 or 02 models all still in the mid to upper 30's. And the LS1 engine will last FOREVER if you take care of it. No im not talking Cam,head,blower,NOS, and last forever, im talking change the oil and a few bolt-ons and they will go 200k+. Im not in here to be a GM rep. for sure. I have been a stang guy for alot of years, planning on buying a GT500 when they arrive next year. Im already on the dealers list! Just hope the dealer doesnt try to bring the WOOD on the markup :notnice:
  3. Yeah but 80's vettes were the pig years for vettes. No one wants them because that's when emissions control began and all the fun regulations. So they were heavy and didn't have much power. But, look at the mid 60's and they sell anywhere from $35k - $65k depending on condition. Compare the fox bodies to the corvettes then. You can pick them up dirt cheap too.
  4. emissions were late 70's and by 85 with the advent of TPI, performance started coming back. it was the first reliable and powerful fuel injection unit ever. it started the LT1 and later the LS1

    87-91 TPI vettes werent exactly pigs... 250hp and 350 torque. they get up of the line in a hurry. they are capable of high 13's stock with the ZF 6spd. stock L98 Fbodys had the auto and iron heads and still capable of's. the vette is like 150-200lbs lighter. they move pretty good
  5. 65K, LOL. How about this one that sold at Barrett Jackson last week:

    LOT #387 - NO RESERVE

    2005 PBCCA CCA
    SOLD FOR $118,800


    LOT #383 - NO RESERVE

    2005 PBCCA CCA
    SOLD FOR $259,200

    See tons of other from the auction:

    Yeh, Vetts don't hold value.
  6. that's for show condition cars though. lol were they the big blocks too?
  7. You guys are comparing apples and oranges here...
  8. #1 or #2 cars or not, the Vetts are bringing big assed dollars on the classic car market. I was there over 2 days and saw what was shacking out and the Vettes were very strong. There was a true 71 RT Hemi Challanger that did not do as well as many of the Vettes and considering how strong Mopar is right now in the market and the fact this was one of 12 made in 71, it says something about what vettes are worth.

    Sure, they are not all worth the big dollars, but that can be said for most American Muscle, but on the average, they do extremely well.

    Take some time to look over the cars and what they sold for. It is amazing.
  9. I disagree. If you know anything about Mustangs, even back in '03 you knew there would be a dramatic change coming our way. That being said, one could safely assume that SVT would have something up there sleeve too - they certainly weren't going to go away after the 'Terminator' and then the Ford GT.

    If the "last hurrah" Cobra was an under rated 390HP, the next one would have to be bigger, better, badder to compete. Those who couldn't wait or didn't want a Cobra bought what fit them at the time.

    SVT gave more bang for the buck than many aftermarket tuners (Saleen, Steeda, Roush, etc.) w/ the '03/'04. Why can't they do it again?

    $39,999 + $5,000 markup to have the first on the block? I'm in! :flag:

    Just my .02 (x2.25 million to purchase a new cobra!)
  10. Good point.. .. Either way.. I want one...
    Maybe im still just pissed off because pontiac released the 400hp
    GTO about 3 months after I bought my 04' GRRRRR...... :nonono: hehe
  11. Adamantiunknot,

    You are comparing a 65 to 75k ZO6 to a 40 to 45k GT500. If you like vettes better man, thats fine. but dont tell me that you can sit straight faced and compare one car to another that costs 50% less. The C6 to GT500 is a much better comparison and for the money I think that I'd rather have a GT500, but that is cause I like the stangs a little better.

    My feelings are like this:

    If you want to be the first dude on the block with a GT500, you are gonna pay for it. Probably 5-7K over sticker. If you are cool with that, cool. If you can wait for a year, you will be able to get one at or under sticker. Remember that there MAY be a SE mustang released as an 08 production model. Add to that the 14,000 plus GT500's that will be produced in the first 2 years, you will be able to find the deal you want.

    I am right behind 97whitestreak on the list to get a 07 GT500, but if the dealer tries to screw me, I'll tell him to shove it and wait to pick up a used 07 or but a new 08 or special edition. I just bought a 05 anyhow so its gonna take a lot of sweet talking to get my wife to let me trade it in on a new car 2 years later anyhow.
  12. Just a quick fact for ya guys...

    Dealers DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!!! And what they tell you they know "for sure" is B.S...

    Ok...resume post...
  13. I own a stang, but I grew up with my dad owning a '65 stingray convertible. So, I'm not really partial to either. I'm not too much of a fan of the new body style. But, I think they got it right on the GT500. And, I can't deny that it's a real great bang for the buck. But as for competing performance-wise with the z06, I think given some mods, it'll take the z06 in the 1/4 mile. However, around a track or top speed I think the z06 takes the cake there. I really don't care for the z06's styling. That's probably why I like the '06 viper srt-10 coupe more than its competetors. I like the c5 better than the c6, I think it flows much more nicely.
  14. [​IMG]

    from last weekend at the NYIAS
  15. I feel the same way. I've already called my dealer to be put on the waiting list. But I'm not gonna pay out the nose just to be first on my block. I've bought a lot of cars from him over the years, but will happily take my business elsewhere if necessary.

    I haven't been this excited about a new model in a long time, so I'm motivated - but I'm not so motivated I'll spend more than sticker for it. :) I thought about a new C6, too. But when the dealer wanted $10k over sticker I had no problem walking away from it.
  16. I went to a few dealers here in the San Francisco Bay Area. They expect demand to be overwelming. They won't take any orders, and the cars that come in will go first come, first served with a minimum $10k markup -- which they they think they will easily get. They said they are planning on a buyer having to pay around $50k before tax & license.
  17. Well unless they changed things it is illegal for the dealer ship to mark up the price on SVT products. Anybody that pays mark up is dumb. I just put a deposit down to order one next June and I flat out told my dealer that I want in writing that the sticker price is what I will be paying. Anybody that wants one should look around for a dealer that doesn't have mark ups there are plenty.
  18. Are you saying that SVT-sanctioned dealerships are not allowed by Ford to mark up their SVT cars? No, I do not think that is right at all.
  19. What are you talking about . . . illegal. Ford cannot tell any dealer what to sell a car for, now that would be illegal if they did so.

    I don't know why everyone is so worried about added dealer markup. For every dealer that add a markup, there will be a dealer who will sell at list.

    Plus, looking at Fords stock (9.50) these days, I hope they will still be in business in 2 years.

    If it worries everyone so much, wait till the initial hype is over, and you will get at list or below.
  20. ferrari doesn't sell their cars over sticker price. dealers are not allowed to mark up the prices. so the way around this, let a faithful buyer take the car for a hundred miles or so and then sell it back. therefore it's no longer a new car but a buyback and then they can jack the price. if you're lucky enough to get on a list thoughthey can't mark it up on you