GT 500 Price From Dealer Connection

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  1. Ford said that the price of the new Cobra will be under 40K. They know if they make it any higher alot of people wont buy.
  2. i think its well worth 50grand tho, you get alot of goodies and potential with that thing

    but a vette might be a good choice too......
  3. In city,I need my license more than I need 500 horses; guess I will just have to wait untill I can pick one up used a few years from now.
  4. base c6 vettes in virginia beach are selling for $61k.

    but have been there since they were released. hmmmm

    theres loads of 6 cylinder 05 stangs here and maybe a hand full of GT's.

    so i could expect the GT500 to be around $50k especially with the "Shelby" name that automatically adds $10k to the price tag. and another reason being that its
    the same build-up as the 2000 cobra R (with creature comforts) and built on an S197 chassis?

    shouldnt expect a mark-up on SVT products considering the dealership pays SVT a certain amount of money to sell their cars. no svt's sold = no cash.

    anyone in virginia beach should check out some dealerships in other cities. i heard theres a few roush 05's floating around.
  5. I got about $45k invested in my car now. sounds like thing will e.t. my lunch out of the box. No more mods now. Im saving for the big dog
  6. Well I am officially the second name on the list at my local Ford store for the GT-500, will be getting D-plan as I have in the past on SVT, only question will be if one ever shows up as my 05 GT is still MIA :rolleyes: .
  7. I was on A local Ford dealer's site a few weeks back and all of his Mustang GT's were priced in the high 30's!!! :nonono: I won't mention any names but he's a Nascar driver with the initials D.J. I hope this was a misprint on their website.

  8. BULL$H!TT!!!!! Just like a cobra, It'll be a pulley change and a dyno away from 600HP. $40000 + $150 + $300= ZO6 eating machine for damn near half the money. I don't know about you, but I'd be preety sick if some guy with his kids in the back seat took my $70,000 "near exotic" corvette with a $40,450 Ford. Watch the ZO6 forum, half those guys are planning to UPGRADE to a Shelby! :flag:
  9. the thing is, sure, it'd be 600 hp. but how would it stack up in anything other than the 1/4 mile. top speed? around a track? and the way i've started to look at things is yeah, a kid can wax a 360 modena in civic hatchback. but, it's not like the guy in the 360 couldn't afford to go and build a faster hatchback

    it's all a matter of preference.
  10. Quarter mile times are great if the only place you want to go is a quarter mile straight ahead.
  11. at this point in my life, i'd like to get into road racing
  12. good for you, unfortunately for you most mustangs are drag raced. so of course most of us are looking at the car from that prespective.

    as far as road racing vs drag racing, it extends onto the streets too... chances are overwhelming that you'll get involved in a quick drag race from a stop light rather than a battle of who can take an intersection 90* turn the fastest. thats my take on that.
  13. i'm aware of this. i own a mustang lol. if you're really concerned about stop light to stop light, i'd buy an awd turbo car.
  14. I am from the 5.0 section, but decided to take a look over here because even though I have an '89 GT which I will always keep, I wanted to go put my name down on a waiting list for these '07 Shelby Cobra GT 500s. Anyway, I have been looking all over the place, well no calls were made, but checking out websites here and there and reading a lot of magazine articles, but can never find a DEFINITE price on this car. This is why I came here, figured you guys would know how much they are going to cost?
  15. i sorry i have missed this forum for awhile...

    but your missing the point here.......i mean stock for stock, for 70K for the new Z06 your getting a factory mid 11 second car, revs to 7K, 505hp, and handles like a supercar.......all for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS less than the competition. it beats viper and ferrari by a large margin.

    and you cant compare a modded car to a stock car.. Hell for 20K i can beat a Z06 in my 80s Iroc......who gives a ****. thats not what its about.. and you cant compare a factory blown car to a NA car. we all know more boost wil make more power than a NA v8 car. thats a given

    but there is more to it than just being fast in a straight line.... the Z06 will be able to outhandle the GT500 by a LARGE margin.

    and who buys a GT500 to worry about putting stuff in the back seats, and take their kids around??? that would be the last thing on my mind if i was spending 45K on a 450hp MUSCLE SPORTS car... i wouldnt want my kids in that kinda isnt as safe as a family sedan.

    your right, i would get sick if someone was racing with their KIDS in the car too! thats not being smart nor safe.... streetracing at those power levels with kids in the car is not a thing i would ever consider

    and why get sick about someone who spends less on a car and beats you??? its run what you brung but if you get beat, give respect and credit where its due.. so what you can beat that Z06, but at the end of the day, your driving a Mustang and he has the expensive vette. he has more money than you and probly living a nicer life too. just like cobras beating a ferrari.. that guy still has a ferrari at the end of the day and people will like aspect more.
  16. or ET streets :nice:

  17. who the hell really cares about top speed? when you are making that kind of power, does it really matter if the car can "only" go 170?
  18. Available in the UK?

    Does anyone know if it will be available through the AAFES (military) sales program here in England? I have my '05 GT and love it - but could sell it tomorrow here and make a couple thousand profit (even after paying the 22% tax). The salesmen here don't know and I don't know how to find out - but if I can get one, I sure will. Drive that for a year or two and turn another nice profit! Awesome cars, and making money - sometimes life is good. Any info appreciated.
  19. I bleed Ford Blue and have three Mustangs (71 Boss 351, 70 Boss 302, 65 GT Fastback) and I am waiting on deciding on a new Z06 or the new GT500. What still creeps in my mind and keeps me thinking is curb weight...
  20. It pays to know the dealer...I am,however, going to wait a couple years after they come out to buy one...Don't want to deal with all the bugs