GT 500 Price From Dealer Connection

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  1. I'm almost ready. I have 2k and an 01GT, dragged out, ready to sell for about 11K, (paid off) and hopefully another 10K by the time it out.
  2. shelby rape

    I heard of a Ford dealer in Tenn. calling other Ford dealers around the country saying that he would pay $10000 over sticker for every shelby mustang they could get their hands on. NOW THAT'S A BUNCH OF BULL CRAP !!!!!!!! How can an average guy like me afford a shelby when we have geedy BASTARDS like him starting a price war on the New Shelby. Can't someone stop This? Is it legal? later
  3. You guys are all speculating.

    Here is my .02:

    The first few Shelby's out will be the hot ticket, dealers will mark them up somewhere in the neighborhood of 10K. If they sell, they will continue to mark them up until, and if they quit selling. Dealerships are in business to make money, and they will squeeze every cent out of these cars they can.

    The typical owner will not be some average "Joe". Many of these cars will be bought as investments and will be whisked away into garages. The owners will gloat knowing that they are in an exclusive club, and they will believe that evey day thier car will continue to gain value.

    I expect to see many Blonde women driving these cars that have had more money spent on cosmetic enhancements than these cars cost. This will just be the current "in thing" and they will drive them until there is a new current "in thing".

    Some well intensioned, but ill advised parents will buy these cars for thier snotty rich kids, who will hot rod them around town and at the drag strip until they meet an untimely end with a telephone pole or a guardrail.

    Some middle aged men who have the means to buy these cars will criuse around town trying to impress people and be somebody while they hit on teenage girls.

    A few average guys will get these cars, drive them, take care of them, and enjoy them for what they are.
  4. The latest news is that Carroll Shelby wants to reduce the number of cars built to keep their "limited" status. This is going to definitely raise the price of the car. The bean counters at Ford are actually contemplating weather or not it's worth building the car for the lower numbers requested. If they do decide to build it, there is a plan to put the drivetrain in another version of the Mustang. Shelby only owns the Shelby "look" of the car, not that drivetrain.

    It's definitely not getting the twin screw(old news), which is great for KB, Whipple, and Ford Racing. Bad news for the consumer, since it's another costly upgrade. :D

    Other than that, it seems there won't be the need for any SVT specific dealers. Any dealer can sell SVT vehicles, as long as they have a certified tech. A lot more dealers are going to get their hands on the Shelby, which will also increase the markup.
  5. I don't think Carroll Shelby has a say about how many are produced or how much they will cost. Long as he get x amount of $ per car, he's happy.
  6. Not true, Carroll Shelby has more to say about the car than what you may think. His name is on it. I think the prestige is more important than how many cars are sold. Carroll Shelby could've done this a long time ago and as frequent as he wants. I doubt it's as much about the money. Time will tell.
  7. Shelby today is not what it was. Shelby used to convert Mustangs into Shelbys. The new GT500 is Shelby inspired and Shelby signed, built by SVT. A long time ago he was putting his name on Dodges! The name is a great 60's legend. If there were 2 models a GT500 and a Cobra, same specs, I'd take the Cobra for 5K less!
  8. With all due respect, not me. I'd take the Shelby over the Cobra for $5,000 extra. Regardless of price now, in 20 years I am pretty confident the Shelby will be worth a lot more than a Cobra. Mr. Shelby has not authorized his name on a Mustang in 38 years. Regardless if he used to take a Mustang and change it into a Shelby, the new model will still be considered a Shelby (of course, in a different league than the 60s which will always be worth a fortune). With a heart transplant and a liver transplant already done, Mr. Shelby (god bless him) will not be around in 20 years. And I bet not many people (except for you of course) can name other cars with make and model (dodge etc.) endorsed by Carroll Shelby. Just my 2 cents. Gosh how time flies, only about 360 days until the GT500 hits the showroom floor :)
  9. Better get one of these while the price is low :D :D :D

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  10. Sorry man, that 84 dodge is no more a shelby that the Viper or the GT 500 will be. Carroll had a hand in those cars but he didn't do the work. Like he did with the GT 350's 500's or the GLHS's. That doesn't mean I not going to buy a GT 500, I'll park it right next to my GLHS. :)
  11. What dealer are you dealing with? So far all the dealers I've spoken with won't take orders and don't know anymore than the rest of us do just from reading the magazine articles.
  12. My dealer too said that they all got together and agreed to raise the price after delivery from Ford.This was after I was told that they would not increase the price so the average Joe like me could buy one. I told him if they did raise the price I would buy a Charger or GTO and that I would never buy another Ford product. ( I really wouldn't buy one of those ugly P.O.S. cars) It still made me feel better after I told him
  13. shelby build coming soon

    I work for Goodyear Tire & Rubber co. (#1 tire company in the world ) (had to throw that in) We have sent tires to FOMOCO for testing. They will pick the construction that best fits the shelby and would then order the tires. At this stage they are not too far away from regular production.(if driveabality is good and no adjustments are needed) The tire is the F1 supercar series. Its an awesome tire.If I hear any news I'll relay it asap.
  14. Anyway like your Gatorbacks :notnice: Nittos are the only thing I run now. I am number 4 on my dealers list and going off the press relase I would be the last one to get one. I believe it is 1 for SVT dealer, 1 For certified dealership,
    2 for something else its somewhere on here (this site) along with a production run of 7000 which pretty much equals out to all the ford dealerships in the country. Well I was reading about the marksup and rumors so I called my dealer to ask what the are going to sell it for, and guess what haven't got a straight answer from them. BTW this a SVT/Saleen/Roush dealer and have very nice cars and are usually straight forward about not jacking the price up so makes one wonder what the price for one is actually gonna be. :shrug:
  15. I know what the price is going to be :banana: na-na-na-na
  16. I am #1 on the list at my dealership :) I hope they don't gouge me tooooo much :(

    Now if only I can get decent money on my 05 Torch Red loaded GT when I sell it next spring.
  17. I've been told for 5 months that I'm number 1 on my dealerships list. Today I was told there is no list, they will not be selling any of these cars msrp and that they are getting only 3 shelbys, because every dealership is getting at least one.

    so they want to return my deposit, and basically call me when it comes in. Might be a good time to buy my buddy's saleen s351r and just drive it a few years until the shelby becomes a little more reasonable.

    This same dealership screwed 2 of my friends on their Ford GT orders, because they got greedy and thought they could make a bunch more with an auction. THEN THE RECALLS CAME.

    I'm disgusted and while I could perhaps make some phone calls and maybe get things moving. I am repulsed by the idea of spending a dime with these disreputable bastards.

    Sat right in front of me and said, sure the salesman promised you that, but we won't honor it. Integrity is word one!
  18. I think I'm pretty lucky. I have it in writing from both the salesman and the General Manager that I am #1 on their list. My dealership did not require a deposit at this time. They said when the official pricing and option data comes out in January, then they will set their pricing on the GT500. At that time, if I agree to the pricing, I will give a $500 non-refundable deposit and the price will be locked in. Question is what will "their" price be?
  19. I have been guaranteed MSRP w/ $500.00 deposit. The deposit is refundable up until the options and color are chosen.
  20. I also was guananteed #1 at msrp in my town with a 1000 deposit. My dealership has since decided to get greedy. I hope that you have a lot more luck with the integrity of your dealership than I had with Jim burke ford in Bakersfield.