GT 500 Price From Dealer Connection

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  1. Stopped today at Claremont Ford near Los Angeles, they have 7 GT all marked up 5K.
    FOMOCO, when are you going to STOP this big rip-off by YOUR Dealers??????
  2. The deal with these cars are that the dealers have no idea what the market adjustment will be. I work for a dealership group that has a SVT ford dealer and my friend over there said that the new cobra's could go as high as 20k over sticker but they can't put a exact adjustment on them. Now I agree with everyone that the price gouging is not right, but put yourself in a business owners point of view. If you owned a business that was your livelyhood and income and you had a product that people are WILLING to pay 20K more than what it lists for, would you really sell it for a discount to someone else?? Anybody would be a fool not to get as much for their product they can. I sell cars because I love cars it is my passion and my life, but the most fun I get is people that negotiate. Dealers are NOT a not-for-profit organization like most people think. On the other hand, let the GT-500's come out and let the market cool on them and then get one for yourself.
  3. BlownGT92 says it how it is. Our dealers are not ripping you off, they're merely doing what the market allows. People out there are willing to pay over sticker on a vehicle, most sellers if not all are going to want to capitalize on this.
  4. I understand getting max $$$ for your inventory. I don't understand making a promise and then breaking it because your greedy. I own a couple of gyms and if one of my employees offers someone a deal which is not in keeping with our policy, I have to honor it, because an employee that ultimately I hired offered it working as my agent. I'M RESPONSIBLE. If I lose money on the deal.....c'est la vie. Integrity counts for something also.
  5. The thing you need to keep in mind though is that the exact pricing is not out yet. Dealers have an idea of what they will cost, but not a exact figure. And unless you already have a deposit down on one nothing will be set in stone and you will be paying the market value. I know my dealership has a list of people for the cars coming in but no deposits yet until the pricing is set and the VIN's are released. If the people on the list don't like the price adjustment, then the next person has the shot at purchasing it.
  6. Ok I understand that and you're right that's a real shame that the representatives, the seller to the public on behalf of Ford is ruining the market image. :nonono:
  7. The other thing to keep in mind is that I did have a deposit down. We had agreed that I was #1 on the list and would get the car msrp whether that be 40k or 55k. Then after almost 5 months they changed their mind and decided there was no list, they wanted to return my deposit and the promise that their agent made and wrote down for me was valueless.

    Hey, no big deal. I'll pick up a 07 a couple of years late, that's life. Still leaves a dirty taste in my mouth when I deal with people whose word has no value. Ultimately, it's certainly not the sort of thing to affect life's happiness.

    Back in '86 I went into that same dealership to by a new GT Convertible for my girl friend at the time. Had more than enough cash in my pocket to pay msrp for the car and that was my plan. The salesman asks me to sign a form, "just to show his manager I'm serious" When I decided to read the form, he urged me not to, "You don't need to read that, just sign it." I read it anyway. It said at the top in 14pt font, AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE. It was an agreement to buy the car at MSRP + a thousand dollar market adjustment (at the time about a 7% mark up). I told him, "You gotta be kidding!" He responded that, "It didn't mean anything." So I got up to leave, he put his hand on my chest and tried to bar me from getting out of his little cubicle. Without incrimiminating myself, that didn't work out for him.

    Now I don't know if everyone at JIM BURKE FORD is a bunch of Arse Orafices..... But 2 times I've tried to buy a car there, both times has been highly unsatisfying. I have right at 1000 students at my Gym/Martial Arts schools. I've been in business for 21 years. And I will share my experience daily.
  8. My ordered GT500 is at MSRP only! If it's more, I'm out.
    As for the recent pics... I agree the hood looks kinda cheesey. The back looks very plain too. I would hope that a $40k+ Mustang would look the part! I guess with nearly 500hp under the hood, they have to cut corners somewhere. Time will tell all.
  9. its a shame for dealers to pull these types of deals.... I dont own a business(i plan on it in the future) but its beyond me how you can treat customers like that. It should be common sence that EVERY customer counts. the way they treated you tells me they're concerned with making a buck today and not expanding their business with another satisfied customer who in turn brings in more references.

    the unfortunate thing is that deals like this tend to drive the enthusiasts away from the product and only the rich collectors or rich period end up with these cars. If i were Ford I'd just make enough of these to meet the demand and in the end make more money that way. Afterall FoMoCo makes money in volumes, not in market adjustment, that only helps the individual dealers.
  10. NOBODY has a Shelby GT500 ON ORDER! You maybe on a list promising you this and that, but when they are delivered everyone will see, it's either gonna get a premium tacked on or they are going to sit until they start selling for MSRP. There are not 7000+ collectors/"rich" people that want the car.
  11. Eric,

    Did you talk with a lawyer about your agreement? I am experiencing a similar problem. The dealer I'm trying to work with agreed to my list of demands, the first being MSRP. They typed it up on their letter head, I signed it faxed it back, and they charged a $1000 deposit to my credit card. I have e-mails stating that the President of the dealership had approved my deal, then 2 weeks after they took my deposit, they called back and said the President was saying he couldn't possibly honor the MSRP clause, so they never signed and faxed back a copy of the document. I'm still trying to appeal to their sense of right and wrong, but I don't think it is going to work in the end. I've asked a couple of buddies who are lawyers, and they have told me I have a very good case if I want to fight it. So I'm at the point where I'm waiting to hear the dealer's final word on the matter, and then trying to decide if I want to fight it legaly. The whole reason I asked for everything in writing was in case of this junk, but part of me is getting tired of it all. Just wondering if you had considered your legal options?
  12. You guys should just relax, wait till they are released, I have a feeling people won't have a problem getting them. 7000 units is a pretty large amount.
  13. A large amount for you but in reality those 7000 units could be sold easily only in California.
  14. I bet 2/3 of the first run of Cobras will be kept by the dealership owners for themselves.
  15. Hey if they sell fast enough, I'm sure they will do a 2nd production run
  16. shelby fan,

    Nope haven't talked with an attorney. Not worth it. I really had my heart set on this car but, I'm not going to stress it. Good chance I can pick up one in a couple of years at msrp. If not, screw it. I actually considering buying a new z06 (though I'll have to wait a year to get one of those msrp).

    I'm also considering getting an 06 mustang and throwing a whipple on it. No it won't be a shelby, but It'll be fun.

    Hell I've even talked about checking out a boring GTO to see if that is something I could enjoy.

    I'm also driving a buddies Saleen S351r next week for a couple of days, to see if I could live with a high high high performance beast like it. I've driven it before, but this time I'm just going to try driving it slowly, stop and go.... To see how livable it is over 2 days.

    Whatever the finish, This dealership has destroyed some of my loyalty to Ford/Mustang. Shame, I've been driving mustangs since 1976.