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  1. the new gt 500 will have according to frod 450+ hp, with a 5.4 liter and supercharger and what not. a stock gt with 300 hp, if you were to spend $7500 can. you would get 160-180 hp with relativly low boost, so my question to you is how detuned is this new GT500 and if properly tuned how much power do you think will this car be pushing, because i dont understand how a car with almost a whole liter more can be so similar in terms of power of a stock mustang, and if thats the case the new gt500 is not worth it other that the name.
  2. According to "Car and Driver" magazine, they said in one of their issues that with a few minor adjustments, ie. Pulleys, exhaust, intake and calibration, you can see around 700-750bhp. But again this is with them only test driving it and not knowing everything about the engine, ie. the exact hp rating.
  3. In MM&FF, the SVT guys said the 450 power rating is an initial number and the actual production number could be more. At the time of release (at the auto show), 450 was the only for sure number they had. They were required to give only sure numbers, not estimates.

    Did that make sense? I think I confused myself!
  4. I read the GT500 was designed diffferently so that mods are very hard to do. I copied and pasted the following:

    "Ford has made this car much harder to mod that the 03/04 Cobras. The blower uses the rear belt on the motor to drive it, not the front belt like the 03/04 cars. It also has very little clearance to swap the top pulley. The bottom pulley can't be swapped for a larger pulley either! There is only 10mm clearance."and Sept 30 "Got a good look at the production blower yesterday! It is a Eaton R122
    It has a 10 rib pulley. Short snout and no room for a smaller pulley! it is driven by the rear belt, not the front belt like the 03/04's."

  5. I dont know whether all that is true or not, but as the old saying goes "where there is a will there is a way." Im sure someone will develope something for these cars. They have to much potential not to. The only real question is how much will it cost to over come those obstacles.
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    By the way, the car is closer to 500hp stock then 450.

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