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  1. Hey whats going on. Well my girl and I were on a little road trip today and I saw a bunch of cars on I-80 in Indiana (west bound) that were in a race or something. I think it was the Gumball run 2006 but IDK. Well when we were going over a hill I saw a yellow 05/06 Mustang with a weird looking front bumper. Well that turned out to be a 2007 Shelby GT 500!:D I was happy IDK just to see one. There was also a group of cars at the Tire Rack DC a little further down the road. Well just wanted to tell ya all about it. Later
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    Are you serious? You lucky bastage!.. Gettin a sneak peak in person :(
  3. Yeah I know I was all excited. But not as much as that kid about his girlfriends dad's cobra. lol
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    I cant wait to see a GT500 prowling around my area :)
  5. I can't wait to ass-rape a GT500!
  6. My boss got his letter a few days ago that says he is getting one automaticly if he orders it.. well he did order his gt500 red/white stirpes convertable.. and get this.. he is getting D plan pricing.. not only that but his car does not count toward how many the dealer I work for is getting. Plus one last thing his insider at ford is supposedly getting his own car and my bosses car's glove box signed by shelby himself.

    pays to know people in high places huh... His car is going to be purchased directly from ford, it's only being delivered to my work. he was showing off this letter today.

    And before you ask there is not a chance in hell I can get this deal for me or anybody else. Many things came toghter just right for him to get this deal. the fact he is a 2004 cobra lease holder guarnteed him the car. and somebody he knows high up got him the speical pricing and hopefully the glove box signing.

    When he gets his car I will snap some pics.
  7. I saw one the other day. I was on the thruway driving a big truck. Look in the side view mirror, far away i saw a red and white striped mustang. I thought it was a roush or something. Nope it was a GT500, no plates. He was flying, to bad I couldnt hear with the truck exhaust. But it looked cool!
  8. friend of mine saw one on the interstate here the other day.. i told him he was Full Of it.. but i guess i was wrong
  9. i saw one last week too. it was red w/0 stripes.
  10. +1 for not spending 50k+ on just a boosted 05.
  11. there are some Ford employees who have production test versions of the GT500. there's a guy near me who Ford let test drive one for a week.

    my brother was going to order one, but the dealership he works for wants $10k over sticker.
  12. it's hardly "just a boosted 05"
  13. :Word: Theres also that little 49 more cubic inches thing.
  14. :)
  15. or two :rlaugh:
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    I could use one of those little things for my car :(
  17. 500 hp 5.4 4v with forged internals.:drool: Plus it looks awesome, that car is far more than a boosted 05. Just the name Shelby makes it an instant collector car!
  18. In our sad case, yeah. :lol:
  19. The 05's are 3V's but still SOHC silly :p
  20. That's the high-caliber information you get in my postings, while I am watching Baby Einstein with the little guy. :lol:

    I was thinking valves for some reason.