1. well... i have been seriously contemplating what i want to do with my car. the way i see it i have a couple of options. i could either:

    a: get a modular boss block, stroke it, add trick flow 195 heads, get some nasty mhs spec'd tf blower cams, set the compression to 10:1ish, hog out the lower kb manifold, spin the 2.1 for all she is worth; go with a tko600, brothers perf sumpted fuel system and build the rear end... and end up with a very stout 550 to 600 rwhp 2v - which will cost me probably around 16k


    b: just sell the gt, and buy a used low mileage gt500.

    i dont want another car payment, but really... if i get a used gt500, pulley it, add a short throw and off road h-pipe, it will sound great and be a beast.

    im kind of at a loss. i know i will never get the amount of money i spent on the 04 out of it (which is to be expected), and ill lose all of the blood, sweat, and tears i put in to it. however, im deployed and really dont have much else to think about or do *other than drink and talk cars with the other crew chiefs*, so ive been debating what i really want to do. what do u guys think?
  2. If a GT500 is a realistic option, maybe you daily drive your current car when you get back stateside and buy a GT500 as your special occasion vehicle. How sweet would that be.I say if you can only have one though, got to go Shelby.

    Its never going to be a realistic option for me but if I could get a GT500, I would and in a hurry, then squeeze 650 horse out of it and only drive it on the nicest days. My current GT, I drove through a flooded road yesterday and didn't think twice. With prestige comes responsibility and concern.
  3. Jesus Christ you have to do all of that for 550-600rwhp? I have $10K at best in my setup and should hit 500-550rwhp, that's including the blower setup and whatnot....and Im still running the stock block, 9.5 CR, and PI cams through an automatic.

  4. Deployed already? Welcome back to the flightline.

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  5. Yeah, I wasnt on station for two weeks when I got pegged. Im ok with it though, ive been avoiding it for 8 years now. They have me pushing a box, full red x, run cert, and i's & e's... I thought that going back as a Tech would net me at least an expediter of asst flightchief spot. Not so much these days. Lol.

  6. if i do it, i want it done right... yeah i could get mhs stage 3 heads & cams & a forged rotating 4.6 assembly to stuff in to my stock short block then turn up the boost... i would probably be around 500-550 with that, but i would still need to upgrade the fuel system and transmission. the 3650 isnt very happy with what im making now, any more and itll be toast. i could do it cheaper... but how many 5.3 trickflow 2v's are there? besides, i already have the kennebell and i dont want to fork out more money to get a different blower set up which is really what would be limiting me from making more power.
  7. I say keep your Mustang, a 2v blowing doors off some of the new "fast" cars thesedays is a lot cooler in my book. That's just me though, I like the idea if you could keep both cars that way the GT500 could be your weekend car.
  8. Are you set on the GT500 as an alternate car? If so, I vote keep the '04. Pre-13 GT500s, while still very nice cars, are heavy and over-priced.

    If you were thinking Coyote 5.0, Boss 302, or Terminator, I'd probably sway in the direction of the new car. That's my plan when I finish school.
  9. I was gonna say the same thing as Will, I'd get a 5.0. Bolt Ons and tune, 400+whp and 11's.
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  10. A used GT500 is gonna run you over 30k. I agree with the new 5.0 idea. Your can get a used 2011 for about 20k, maybe less. I had this same dilemma a while back. My bank account made the decision for me: keep the 96 GT.

    Off topic...What air frame do you work?
  11. Yeah I'm probably just going to keep my car and make it faster. It's paid off and I don't really want the car payment.

    I am a 16 guy.
  12. Yeah it's nice to just be able to mod your car as you can afford it rather than be obligated to a payment every month.
    Respect. I couldn't work on fighters. The tempo is insane. I'm a heavies guy. And a pointy head (comm/nav).
  13. Speckerhead! ;)

    Fighters are awesome but your right, the ops tempo sucks sometimes... 12 pit 10, turn 8 pit 8 days blow. Also, excersizes blow... I just spent a week in a minimum of MOPP 2 with an outside temp of 90+ degrees and 90% humidity. When we hit MOPP 4, I could barely open my eyes from the sweat pouring off the top of my mask. :x Osan Ab ftmfw... Not! at least I have soju to fall back on. Lol.
  14. Exercises are the worst part of the Air Force. I'm in the Guard now, but before I left AD I was at Moody AFB which is a damn swamp, and we had our ORI right before I left. No roster rotations for ORE's either. I was in EVERY one of those things every month for about 8 months...and on day shift. Oh and we only did 2 tun 2 with HH-60's :nice:

    At Moody we only went to Iraq (Now Kuwait) and Afghanistan. Now I'm in the Utah ANG where I work on KC-135's and go to Guam for 2 weeks to a month....it's awful ;)
  15. I was crew chief at Moody when we had five full squadrons of 16's there. HATED IT!!!!!!!! Went from Madrid Spain to Miami Florida to frikkin Valdosta. Culture shock. Oh, and soju sucks......(Hated Osan too)
  16. Soju doesn't suck. I thoroughly enjoy kettles from xanadu's, cherry soju from whiskey's, and jumi shots. Not to mention ammo bowls. Although it does make for a great time I usually don't remember. ;) the Hite beer and OB isn't all that great though.
  17. I drank it on my green been. Spent the next day with hallucinations worse than any mind enhancing substance I ever tried. Never touched it again.

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  18. i dont drink stuff that came from my green bean