Fuel Gt 6 Spd Owners. Whats Your Highway Mpg?

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  1. I have 3.31s and I avg around 21-22 but I'm usually going 80mph and very rarely do I get passed. I drive 60miles a day on the highway. If you slow down to 70 the mileage comes up but I just can't drive that slow and watching cars pass me by. :)
  2. UGH I am so jealous of you 5.0 owners.
  3. 3.55/fuel efficient aka not getting on it = 26mpg ......the way I prefer to drive aka getting on it in moderation = 22 mpg
  4. 410 gears here- I get about 21 mpg on the highway
  5. 6 speed, 355 rear, MOBIL 1 . . . 220 mile trip mostly 55-60MPH averaged 26.1 on 93 Shell. Outside temp was 50.
  6. 3:73's and I got my best mpg ever a couple of weeks ago going to vegas at a steady 75/80. I got 24 on the way there and 22 on the way back. On the way back I was exceeding my previous speeds significantly.
  7. 3.31s @ around 75 mph gets me close to 26.5 avg.
  8. I've got 3.73's and average about 25.7-mpg's on the highway crusing at 70-mph and about 2200-rpm. I live in Houston though and everything is flat. No hills or mountains to contend with.
  9. I just did a 180 mile run in east Alabama/West Georgia. With 2.73, AC running and the CC set to 80 I averaged 29 even (according to the Stang)
  10. With around 300 miles on mine, I only averaged 21.5 mpg with 3:31 gears at around 72 mph. Im hoping to hit around 28 mpg nowadays (with 1500+ miles) on straight highway. I'll find out this weekend!
  11. Best so far is 27.2 consistently get 24+
  12. With a Boss 302 and cruise control on at 75 mph I got between 25 and 26 depending on wind direction and hills. With 3.73 gear.
  13. Exactly the same for me, except I have to go exactly 70 to get that good MPG.
  14. I see 26-29 mpg usually at around 73 mph. Eastern WA/Oregon 2012 GT 6 speed with 3.31's. 6500 miles on the odo.
  15. Here's an auto getting 28 at 80 mph and Then 26.1 by end of thr trip with Steeda 93 tune.
  16. The best I've had is 27mpg. Honestly though it's really hard to get that when all I want to do is slam the pedal down to the floor.
  17. MPG update:

    I have 18K on my car. I have 3.73s with a Bama 93 race tune. 6-speed manny tranny. At 70mph I got 24.5 after driving for about an hour. No cruise control. I'm going to put 6,000 miles on my car in July (cross-country road trip). I will have re-flashed the car to stock for this drive. I will report back my findings in August.
  18. I'm always watching mine in the highway. If I keep it less than 75mph I'll get 23-25 mpg depending on wind direction, temp, etc. - lots of variables as stated by others. If i go closer to 80 mph I'll get 22-23 mpg.

    Here's an interesting situation I noticed the other day, I was playing around on the on-ramp and hit 100 mph, then coasted down to 75 mph as I merged on to the hwy. I also hit the reset on the fuel economy reading as I was in decel mode. As I expected, it showed 99 mpg and gradually dropped as I neared 75 mph. Here's the funny part, it read 28 average mpg for about the next 10 miles. Then some guy in a new Camero SS wanted to take me on, so I had to give him the "spanking" he deserved - my mpg dropped to 12 as we hit 140 mph.

    BTW - I have 3.55 gears in my 12 GT w/brembo brakes.
  19. Just did a cross country road trip in my '12 GT with 6M and 3.55 gears and averaged
    23.6 MPG highway and city combined. 80 to 90 MPH on most of the highway runs
    (Posted S/L of 75 in most places). Did 6400 miles door to door. The Brembo suspension
    about shook me to death in Texas but other than that, a fantastic trip!!
  20. 24-29 MPG range. 24 MPG normal. 80 percent highway.