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  1. Is the gt body kit functional? in particular I wonder about the hatchback wing and the gt skirts. Are there any fox underbody aerodynamic panels for sale?
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    Gt side skirts keep it clean, pretty functional. My LX hates water puddles :D
  4. Yeaa the spoiler does it work for more than just a lunch table or cart handles?
  5. The rear spoiler keeps the back of hatchbacks from looking more ridiculous than a straight guy lost in a gay bar.

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  7. GT body is more for looks. If aerodynamics is a concern, an LX hatchback is a better option. The LX spoiler is probably the better choice for a functional spoiler (at 150MPH) as well.

    No underbody aero parts exist. Most Mustang guys just add horsepower to overcome the drag their rolling brick creates as it lays waste to evil hoards of civics and scions
  8. Contrary to popular belief, it is in-fact functional. Much like a flying brick is functional. :)
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  10. I doubt that the LX spoiler is really any more functional than the GT wing. The flow separates off of the hatchback to early to allow it to be effective. This is also why road race Mustangs have such high mounted rear wings, including the 2000 Cobra R.

    The side skirts are purely cosmetic (the scoops serve no purpose) and they aren't low enough to keep air from going under the car. The GT nose does have one benefit over the LX nose, which is that it allows for a front mounted air dam that is flush with the nose of the car. Of course, you can also achieve this with a Saleen nose if you have an LX.

    These cars are basically poor aerodynamically. They can be made somewhat better by adding true air dams and side skirts, but they have a lot of problems to overcome.
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  12. So if I slam my gt the skirts will be low enough to be functional? And how can I add true air dams?

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  15. Technically, if you could get the side skirts low enough to seal off the sides of the car then they would provide an aerodynamic benefit. The design of the GT skirts does not allow it, of course. They really don't extend much (at all, really) below the rockers. You could add extensions to seal off the sides of the car.


    There is a reason why Nascar side skirts are so low. You don't want air under the car.

    Fox Mustang with an air dam...


    There are a lot of ways to add an air dam. It is not uncommon for a road race car.
  16. You dont know what your saying


    How can you say lowered mustangs are rice
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  17. What he is trying to say is that no matter what you do, nothing on your car will be aerodynamic.

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  18. Never said that all lowered mustangs are rice. My personal taste is wings don't go on notches. Street cars that are slammed to the ground that compromise function over form are rice IMO. Fox Body mustangs are inherently not aerodynamic. Adding panels, wings, etc. won't change that to a great extent.
  19. Because nascar speeds are not present on public roads, Functional side skirts help with water puddles :D
  20. There are things you can do to your car to make it more aerodynamic. It doesn't make any usable difference on a street care though. I put a slightly bigger wing on my GT, because it looked rediculous with a tall cowl hood and a stock wing. It does push the car down better at speeds beyond what I ever drive the car at normally. It is far more functional at creating a huge vacuum behind the car and sucking a huge amount of road dirt up onto the back of it.