"GT" badge coming loose

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ScottyG00GT, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. I was using my "California Car Duster" the other day and noticed that the nap of the brush was getting caught on one of my side emblems. On closer inspection, it looks like it is starting to come loose from the panel, right where the lower stroke of the "T" meets the fender.

    Is there a good way I can stick this back on, e.g. without removing the badge altogether? For now, the rest of it is stuck solid, but I can only imagine it will get worse as dirt gets under there.

    Thanks for your help . . . !
  2. Are there any locating holes underneath, or does it just stick on?
  3. Just a stick on to the best of my knowledge
  4. Yes there is a hole under the side fender badges. You can just remove it and replace the double sided tape on the back then re-install it, no need to buy a new one!
  5. I have used double sided tap before and it seemed to work just fine.
  6. I am guessing that any car parts store would have some sort of special double-sided trim tape? What kind did you use?

  7. 3-M !
  8. Thanks for everyone's help!!!
  9. you should take off alll of the badges and replace them with a fresh set of "V-Tec) ones!!!!!!
  10. No, no, a big Type R badge!