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Jan 5, 2020
Cincinnati Ohio
Hi all, I own a 1983 mustang GT. I have a quick question about my GT badges. My mustang only has one spot where it says GT and thats on the glove box/dash, nowhere outside the car does it say it, not on the fenders or hood. Is it possible for my stang to have been manufactured without the exterior badges? Or do you think the original owner removed them? (This is my first car so I'm oblivious)
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It should say Mustang GT on the side ground effects and on the rear bumper if they are stock.


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Sep 1, 2010
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I Googled 1983 Mustang GT, and pics look like the GT markings on the hood and above the 5.0 were paint (or stickers). There might have been the same on the hatch by the Mustang letters. If yours was repainted, it may not have that anymore. There is probably a vin decoder to prove it’s a GT, not just an LX with a few pieces added. Too bad it does not have an options plate like GM’s at least had on the firewall.


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Jan 5, 2020
Cincinnati Ohio
The original owner may have repainted it, I just thought it was weird that it only says GT on the inside of the car on the dash above the glove compartment, and not a hint of GT on the outside. I know for a fact its a GT, ive looked up the vin and its on the title if I remember right. I should probably look into some GT stickers for the fender and hatch. There also isnt any kind of stripes going along the hood's scoop which is very odd as other ones do. Its had to of been painted


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Dec 23, 2003
You cannot tell if it's a GT by the VIN, unless you have access to Ford's production database. (Unless you are Ford Motor Company or Marti Auro Works, you do not. Any "VIN decoder" you find online does not. Your local motor vehicle department does not.) GL or GLX with 5.0L will have the same VIN, i..e they will all start with 1FABP27F or 1FABP28F (27 = convertible, 28 = hatchback, 2nd F = 5.0L).

You cannot tell if it's a GT by the title. See above.

You CAN tell if it's a GT by the codes on the door tag, IF the car was made after 12/82.

You CAN tell if it's a GT by the codes on the buck tag.

ALL 1983 GT's had a blacked out center section on the hood, a "GT" decal on the blacked-out hood, a "GT" decal on each fender above the "5.0" emblem, and a "GT" decal to the right of the "MUSTANG" emblem on the left side of the hatchback liftgate or trunk lid.
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Jul 10, 2017
Agree 100% with FoxChasis above. Here is what my '83 GT looked like before I painted it. Faded GT sticker on hood (black center portion). GT sticker on both front fenders just above the 5.0 badge and a GT sticker on rear hatch spoiler just to the right of the Mustang badge.


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