GT cat-back on a V6

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  1. Before the crash, I thought I read that one member was installing a GT cat-back exhaust on their V6. I’m curious to see how that went. I thought the GT and V6 were slightly different lengths. Did everything fit without modification? How happy are you with the change?
  2. I installed a single (right side) GT axle-back. Fits ok, but sits somewhat close to the bumper. After a long run, the bumper still stays cool though. I'll be replacing it with a single MAC axle-back to go with the MAC headers... arriving soon (I hope!)

    But, I gotta say... the GT muffler sure sounds sweet! Put the powerbook behind the car and gave it a few revs...

    I've heard of guys putting the entire dual GT cat-back on their V6's. They either need to cut their bumper or get a GT bumber. I suppose you can just hang the tips lower, like Magnaflow did.

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  3. V6 exhaust mod.

    The cat-back exhaust on a V-6 is complete. My dad and I did it on his, and it can be dont with little or no mods. He bought the same left exhaust pipe they use on the GT, eliminating the need to make the pipe and the curves, no hitting on the axle or anything. He got the mufflers, exact factory GT muffs from doing some research, and he made an H pipe at work. So, when it was all said and done he had a little over 200 bucks into his system. Fits like a glove, works like a champ, and the only mod really needed is a cut out for the new tip on the left side. I will post pics when I get em. And, my question is, since its so easy to do and such a nice bolt on, why the hell isnt ford doing this to all mustangs?????? It sure breathes easier with the extra pipe! Anywho, pics to come...