GT front Brakes on a V6

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  1. Has anybody put GT front brakes on a V6? Some guy on ebay is selling take off calipers and rotors for less than 200 bucks. It sounds like a great idea, but I wonder if you need a different proportioning valve to install them?

    Anybody have a clue?

  2. I'm willing to bet that nobody here besides you and Jennstang knows what a proportioning valve is. :shrug:
  3. wht-V6-vert,

    Good question. I am not sure if the differences in the size of caliper and piston on the GT brakes are substaintial enough to warrent a different size proportioning valve for the brake fluid system. Let me PM afixer and ask him to consult the Ford Specifications and Builders Manual and let you know. :nice:

    BTW - Do you have ABS on the V-6 Vert right now? Change over from a standard disc caliper to an ABS sensored caliper with a non-ABS installation may require a little modification to pull off. :shrug:

    jimp> Did you get what that is now? I didn't go all engineering on your arse that time! :p See I am getting less nerdy! It is the valve that controls the amount of brake fluid release to the braking system.


  4. sheeesh... it's a valve that proportions...!
  5. He was just joking ctstech. :cheers:
  6. so i just called my bud at ford. a few things to consider.
    1. changing to gt calipers voids brake warantee.
    2. if you have abs breakes you dont have a proportioning valve.
    3. if you are boiling the fluid change to dot 4 fluid.
    these were just a few things he told me.
  7. he is the head mech at my ford dealer i have known him since high school. and his specialty is brakes and front ends. so i trust his info. (spend the money on a tuner) Hee Hee
  8. As always afixer... You are Da' Bomb! :hail2: ..... Mucho Gracious Amigo!

    Wht-V6-Vert. Hope that helped out. :shrug:

  9. also the GT brakes will not fit if you keep the stock V-6 wheels and tires.
  10. Thats not true kevin, the stock v6 wheels will not fit lol :) the brakes will go on just fine.
  11. :rlaugh: soo true :lol: dang darn details!! :D
  12. Thanks for the scoop

    Many thanks for the input on this.

    It sounds like a bolt on deal when you have an ABS system.
  13. First off the front and rear calipers on the GT and V6 are the same. The only difference between the gt and v6 is the front rotor diameter. The GT rotors are 1" larger. Cars equiped with ABS/TC have no prop valve (this includes all gt's which have abs standard so no gt prop valve is available). the use dynamic rear proporting (DRP) which uses the abs to control the the rear brake balance based on the front/rear slip differential. This system is much more effective than any prop valve and can dynamically adjust to lood conditions and deceleration levels.

    Non-ABS V6 cars do have a prop valve. The base brake balance is close enough to neutral, and the critical point is at .85g that you don't really need to worry about proportioning with the gt brakes. If you add the larger gt rotorsthe bias will be shifted slightly toward the front so your balance shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand the gt brakes are really not going to make that much of difference to the v6. Replacing the tires will have more of an impact on braking.

    If you really want to improve braking, you need really sticky tires, and some aftermarket brakes, with bigger calipers and rotors. Be careful how big you go because you may need bigger wheels to clear the brakes.
  14. if you wanted the gt brakes or duel exhast or fog lights you v6ers should have got a gt :D
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