GT front Brakes on a V6

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  11. So would anybody be interested in a pair of GT calipers? I have several sets of them, no rotors, just calipers that need homes.
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  14. Just wondering if anyone can answer for me...
    I have a V6 Vert with no ABS. I was also thinking of going to the GT front rotors and offset. I already upgraded my wheels and tires to something I'm really happy with and would like to improve the braking of the car. Would going to the larger GT rotor actually help, or would I need to upgrade to a bigger caliper as well? Is there a real advantage to the larger rotor with the same caliper? I know a full brake upgrade is going to do more for me, but if I can get better braking out of a $200 upgrade for take offs and some better pads, I'd rather go that route than pay a couple thousand for a full blown brake system upgrade.

    My wheels are 18" so I'm not worried about clearance of the GT rotor.
    Any feedback is appreciated.
  15. fwiw / you'll need the GT calipers too .... its the only way thay it will work.
  16. The set comes with the calipers but now I’m a bit confused. I thought previously it was said that the calipers for the GT and the V6 were the same and only the offset was different. Can anyone provide clarification for me? Is there conflicting information in this thread or am I just confused as usual? :shrug:
  17. Maybe I'm the one who's confused, but I'm pretty sure that the GT mount higher to clear the larger diameter rotors.
  18. Same caliper... The GT uses a modified mounting bracket. The brackets from Ford cost almost as much as the takeoff package.
    Before buying a takeoff package make sure you confirm that the brackets come with the package.
  19. my collision book shows he same caliper for both V6 and GT, with different rotors and caliper mounting brackets. hope that helps. :)