GT hood??

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ZINC2001, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I was wondering about getting the GT style hood. I don't want the whole hood just the high style scope in the middle. Does anyone make this that can be painted than just bolted onto my hood??
  2. never mind, I found one from CDC.

    is this the only one made though??
  3. There are a whole bunch of places that sell the GT hoodscoop (i just bought one and im putting it on tomarrow :nice: ) CDC is one place there are a whole bunch of them on E bay as well the price is about 135 but Ford sells it for 150 (go figure) all of them primered. I got mine already painted and the paint scratches hella E-zly so im contimplating/would like to repaint it or at least put a nother coat of clear coat on.
    But pretty much the lowest ive seen them sell for is 130
    oh by the way the view of the scoop while in the drivers seat is badAzz. its not as noticable as the mach 1, but none the less its still very nice (its like a bubble on the hood)
  4. and sell the scoop in the $100-$110 range. I got mine from GEF and I was pleased with their cust serv and fast shipping. No personal experience with Kar Kraft, though.
  5. I got mine from Ford a year ago for $150 painted and shipped. I just had to mount it.
  6. Yeah when Iwent to Ford they told me 150 painted and then they looked it up on their computer and said no wait its not painted only primed but its still... 150

    Wow you got yours for a 100 Cool i wish i knew about that before i bought mine :shrug: (if only i waited a little while longer oh well)
    I put my scoop on yesterday and it looks really good I m rally happy with it