GT or GTO?

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  1. I had been car shopping for believe or not about a year. Looked at the WRX, GTO, Mustang GT, and BMW. Narrowed it down to the Mustang GT or the GTO and it was down to the wire until the Ford dealer called to have me looked a new Vista Blue GT Premium and I was sold!! The new color is awesome. Was able to purchase for 25K using the X-Plan and I think the price was pretty good. Also save about 5K by not purchasing the GTO.
  2. Congrats, you'll love it. :nice:
  3. I test drove both today (GT and GTO, both manual). For the same price ($30K for either one), IMHO the GTO is the better value. Again, IMHO, it rides better, has IRS, has a nicer interior, has a 6-speed manual - and last but not least the LS2 400 Horsepower motor. :)

    I didn't buy either one today, but will stew on it over the weekend. The GTO is one incredible car, at least in my book.

    I have owned 4 Mustang GTs so far, so I'm not bashing the Mustang at all - it's a sweet car too. It's just that my own shopping list kinda pushes me towards the Goat at the moment.

    Either way, you can't really go wrong with either one because they're both very nice cars.
  4. I don't like Grand Ams. No matter what engine you put in it.
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    Amen Pliskin!!! You have said it all.
    Except, if it takes a car 100hp extra to keep in the same realm as another, value is definitely swinging in one direction.
  7. 25k seems like a good price, all the GT's I've seen are 27-28k. Congrats on the purchase.
  8. I am just not at all impressed by the looks of the GTO. Sure the numbers are impressive and I keep taking second looks to see if it will "grow" on me but it hasnt. The mustang on the other hand is a thing of beauty! However, the solstice is one hot looking little roadster, especially in green and that is something I could talk myself into, that is if I was in the market for a two seater convertible.
  9. GT or GTO

    As you can tell from my original post stylin' was the key. The GTO is an awesome vehicle but during the test drives everyone was oogling the Mustang (young, old, men, women). Only the diehard gearhead will know the GTO from any other Pontiac vehicle (Grand Am). If Pontiac gets the body right the GTO will be even better.
  10. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Grand Prixs either. :nice:
  11. Guy at work's got a GTO. The more I see it, the more I like it. But the same goes for my GT, and I see her a lot more often. Both are great cars.
  12. Yeah I just dont see myself getting into a car that looks like my little sister's. Sorry GM. You lose.
  13. ^^^Good deal on your new GT. Oh, you guys are funny! I have never heard of the Grand Am thing . . .

    Oh, maybe you can race my Grand Am. Hee, hee, hee . . .:D
  14. Gt/gto

    Admittedly the GTO has a great engine, but to me, looks are very important and the Mustang has it all over the Grand Am. The Mustang GT (S197) will be a high water mark in muscle cars while the GTO is just another boreing looking GM car. For less than the price difference you could make the GT run with the goat AND have the killer looks. There's a reason the Mustang has lasted all these years while, with the exception of the Corvette, GM can't seem to keep a muscle car selling well enough to keep it in their lineup. Just my $.02 worth.
  15. I'd call a new Corvette a money&muscle car rather than just a muscle car at a starting price of 62k i think.
    Good ole stangs go for 20 to 30k.
    GTO's start at 32 and look like the rest of the cars on the road. But it is nice.
  16. The GTO is more sedate, but some people actually like that :eek: look at m3's and some of the other imports. To some, a Mustang gives off a boy racer image....not that there is anything wrong with that, but many don't like it for day to day driving.
  17. Base price on the Vette is around $44K. Still more than a Mustang obviously, but nowhere near $62K.
  18. I paid $51K for my Vette, that's with the Z51 option and a few other goodies. Base price is $43.7K for a no options Vette. He might mean the new Z06 and in that case, $62K gets you supercar performance.
  19. Looks are subjective. I agree the GTO is a bit boring looking but that's what some people like. The price arguement is usually for those who couldn't afford the more expensive car anyway. I could take a 94-95 GT/Cobra (my favorite modern stang), mod it and outperform a new 05 GT or GTO for much less than either. How fast you want to go equals how big is your pocket book. IMO, the new mustang has great looks and okay performance vs the GTO with so so looks, awesome interior and an equally awesome engine. Now for the Corvette, well that's for those balding, older, mid-life crisis types :D
  20. Good luck finding a dealer selling a Z06 for anywhere near sticker. :)

    Odds of that are about as good as getting a Shelby next year for sticker...