GT or GTO?

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  1. I believe the dealership where I bought my Vette always honors sticker. Not only their regular C6's were ever marked up and they claim the same for any Z06's they may get. A few folks over at have gotten their Z06's at sticker. It can and does happen.
  2. For me it boils down to one simple thing:

    The GTO doesn't come in a convertible version.
    True sports cars don't have roofs, IMHO... :)

    NOW, if the GTO was available in a drop top, well, it still doesn't have the looks, now does it?
    It is arguably a better car, though.
  3. Yeah, that pretty much says it all. You can easily get the Mustang over 400hp if that's what you're looking for. Then you have more performance AND good looks.
  4. You might get it over 400hp, but will you still have a warranty?
  5. Yes.

    Read, in particular -

    "As with all Roush Performance Products (RPP) powertrain offerings, the ROUSHcharger is backed by an industry-leading 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty that includes coverage on all ROUSHcharger components, as well as the vehicle’s drivetrain components, including: engine, transmission and rear axle."

  6. There goes the 'cheaper' argument. They proabably also limit how much boost you can run and still maintain the warranty. From what I've seen they cost over $5700 too. That would probably end up costing a good bit more than a stock GTO. To top it off....only 430hp, that's only 30 more hp than a stock GTO.

  7. Base GT's can be ordered for $26000, base GTOs are about $31000. For that difference, you can do alot to the GT and still have factory warranty. And why worry so much about HP ratings, when a GT with a tune, CAI, pullies, gears, and small suspension mods will run mid 12's; that's fast when you compare to the stock 400 horse GTO that would run high 12's/low 13's.

    Both are great cars, but they're different enough that they're really not comparable fairly.
  8. What....26k with no options? I've looked at about 40 Mustang GT's and none of them were 26k. About $28,000 is the cheapest I've seen. We could play this game all day could get a 2005 1/2 SRT4 for $21,500 and toast both the GTO and GT while getting better gas mileage and having money left over. It's weird that the best bang for the buck car for 3 yrs. was a 4cyl. Neon:rlaugh:
  9. Ok. My buddy just sold his '03 Cobra with a few goodies for $21,500 and it would spank all three of the cars you mentioned :jester:

    Edit - the goodies were wheels and some bling not a pulley and a tune.
  10. Now were bringing up used cars:D buddy just sold his mildly modified '00 Z28 for $8,900 and it would spank all 4 cars mentioned. I think eventually we'll get down to....."well a friend of a friends uncles step sister twice removed best friends godfather just sold his 5.0 for $3k and it was "teh quick".
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    I have a friend of a friends uncles step sister twice removed best friends godfather just sold his Geo Metro for $1k and it was "teh quick". It was sooo fast with the 1000 shot of nawz. :rlaugh:
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  13. Back to the GTO and the Mustang...

    The GTO will always be the more powerful car, it has a much bigger engine. It's hard to make 4.6 compete with 6.0 without squeezing it quite a bit.
    Anytime you make a smaller engine work harder to keep up with a bigger one, you will increase complexity and pressure, and lose some longevity.
    I'm sure you can ramp up the GTO as well and keep going on and on and so forth.
    According to the market, the choice is clear. The Mustang is far more popular for many subtle reasons, power not withstanding.

    Now, if they come out with a GTO that looks like the older GTO (but modern), and make it in a convertible like the old GTO, then this would be a whole different discussion... :)

  14. The thread is about comparing the Mustang to a GTO. And yes like I said in my post, you can order a base Mustang GT (all power, ABS, etc.) for $25860 at sticker price. Sure, it doesn't have alot of the nicer features, but you've been talking about horsepower, and for that price you get a lot of power. Base, base pricing on a GTO starts at $32995; thats a difference of $7135! Big differerence in price when you're talking about an extra 100 horses........

    That's "bang for the buck"!
  15. So you compare the base Mustang with a well equiped base GTO? How about we compare what most are really selling for and that would be about a difference of 5k. Also, like I said, can you get an extra 100hp out of a GT and still keep the warranty? Someone brought up the Roush S/C, but that will negate your $7100 and actually cost more when you consider what most GT's sell for. Plus the GTO has IRS and a T56. I think it was about a month ago, that I saw GTO's at 30k with employee pricing....that was a deal.

    And like I said, you can also get a SRT4 for 21k that has around 250hp and is about 400lbs lighter. When compared to the GT, that's a lot of extra money for 50hp, dontcha think?
  16. @ mattkimsey

    I clicked on the site you warned me not to. I am speechless. Next time, I will follow simple instructions. I am going to tell myself it was all a bad dream. Yeah, that's it... just a dream...
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  18. We could argue this forever. It's all what you're looking for anyway. When I was shopping around I never even considered the GTO just because of the way it looked. It is unnoticeable on the road which I dislike.

    For me it was between the Stang and the SRT-4. I was all setup to get an SRT-4 ACR with the Stage 3 turbo upgrade installed by the dealer, but the day before I decided to test drive the Stang and that was it. Fell in love with the look, the sound, the rear wheel drive, and the possibilities of what I could turn it into.
  19. It can be had for $4,600 (still not cheap!). Yup, you can bet they'll limit the boost level (no d'uh).

    30hp more than a stock goat, or 130hp more than the stock GT that already almost hangs with the 400hp stock goat? You say tomato, I say tomato (doesn't work so well, written down).

    EDIT : Just saw the stuff about $28K GT's. Mine's a Premium, with the IUP (MyColor and all), $26,750. Add $6K (buy the Roush sc and have it installed) = $32,750.
  20. I say show some 1/4 times and does that s/c include a 6spd. or irs....not! Scratch both, I say get the SRT4 and for the price of a GT and S/C---you could have a 10sec. NEON!!!:D