GT or GTO?

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  1. He says it's off topic THEN GOES ON ABOUT IT AGAIN!:rlaugh:

    Ok, back on topic - GTO has a nice motor, but can be easily confused for a Grand Am/A.N.Other vehicle. There really is no "Mustang GT v's GTO" for me. If I didn't buy a Mustang, GTO doesn't even make my list.

    Pontiac will fix it, I've no doubt, when they realise Americans want American cars, not rebadged Aussie ones.

  2. Agreed. It's not that the GTO is a horrible car by anymeans, but it doesn't seem to be what most people are looking for. Its a great platform to start with though, and with that engine and drivetrain it could be a really cool car if they (Pontiac) don't drop it from the lineup.
  3. Comparing the Gt and the GTO?
    It's all in the eyes of the beholder.
    What I may like or dislike about one or the other, may be completely different from everyone else's point of view.

    Speaking only for myself, there is no comparison.
    The GT wins hands down.
    If it's great looks hadn't caught my eye, I probably wouldn't have looked into it further.
    Does the GTO have more base HP?
    But I didn't buy my GT for HP alone.

    Bottom line?
    I feel great driving it, and I seriously doubt I would say the same if driving a GTO.

    It's a shame too, because no one wants to see a worthwhile goat return to the road more than I.
    They just haven't got there yet.

    For those of you that like the GTO, I support your opinion, and will not try to bring you over to my way of thinking.
    But then, you will be unsuccessful in swaying my opinion as well.

  4. :lol: Talk about not proving anything. Your whole post consist of nothing but petty personal attacks(based on 0% knowledge, seeing as you don't know me). I try to keep my post full of information pertaining to cars. Long ago, I may have come back and tried to belittle you too, but that seems pointless now.

    If you have any information to discredit what I'm saying, please feel free to post it up. :SNSign:
  5. :cheers:

    The Mustang has it's good points, and the GTO has it's good points.
  6. The GTO is the love child of the Grand Am and Cavalier.