GT Throttle Lag-Has Anyone Tried This?

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  1. My new GT has a mild dose of throttle lag. I googled "Mustang Throttle Lag" and found this:

    You can re calibrate the computer of your car as following. Turn on, but not start your car. Wait a minute for the dash warning lights go off. Press the gas pedal slowly until it hits the floor and then release it slowly. Turn off and then start your car. The problem will go away.

    Has anyone heard of this & does it work?
  2. I actually think its on any car, my 2006 v6 does it...
  3. I belive that's due to the "drive by wire" and torque management.
  4. The question still remains. Has anyone tried the recalibaration mentioned in my original posting, and did it provide any improvement?
  5. Is this for the actual slight delay in response or the herky jerk some people are experiencing? I'll try it tonight and post on Monday. I have the slight periodic herky jerk symptoms.
  6. Some owners with stock tunes have reported that it helps, while others said that it made no difference.
    Give it a whirl. It won't hurt anything, and it may help. If there's no improvement, then it's time for a tune and a CAI(assuming your car does not already have these).
  7. do you mean where it seems as if you are repeatedly pushing the gas pedal?
  8. I read a thread about this a long time ago, don't remember if it was here or on another Stang site.

    A bunch of people tried it. Some said it made a big improvement others said there was no difference.
  9. I have a 5-speed GT, and the only solution I've found for throttle lag is an aftermarket tune. Even the stock tunes on the Predator do a lot to help. With the 93 Performance Tune, the problem is almost gone.

    The only jerking motion I've experienced is actually part of the traction control.

    If the TCS senses slipping, part of its response can be to retard ignition. For example, if you downshift and get on it hard, the system will cause intentional, brief misfire, which comes across as a serious buck/hesitation. This won't happen if the TCS is off.

    One other thing that I've found, though, is that the TCS seems to be VERY sensitive when cruise control is on, even if you have TCS turned off. For instance, if I have the cruise control on for a bit and then step on the gas, I'll sometimes get the same buck/hesitation even if there is absolutely no way I'm losing traction. Like, stepping on the pedal aggressively in 4th or 5th at 70. I think this problem is actually a bug in the programming. Down-shifting or hitting the breaks doesn't stop this, but actually turning off the cruise control does. :shrug:

    I miss my throttle cable...
  10. AOD vs. Manual. :) The AOD's PCM is calibrated with an adaptive learning module. The procedure outlined tends to work for the AODs better than the manual trannys.
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  13. If this is true, then does it stay or will it reset back to norm after sitting off for a while?
  14. I don't know, but that was addressed in the posting I found when I did the search:
  15. I don't know, just a little herky jerk once in a while. I tried it last change. I have a tweeked tune coming from Kevin MacDonald of Diablosport this week. He dynoed my car and said he's sure he knows what to do to rid the car of this little problem.
  16. If this problem happens when you accelerate after cruising on the highway for a period of time, then the cause is the fuel pump. It creates air bubbles that are ingested when you accelerate, and cause the hesitation.
    TSB 06-9-9 that addresses this issue.
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  18. You're welcome. A search will produce a printable file of that TSB.
  19. I've tried it 3 different times and haven't noticed any difference, unless it just works on automatics only..:shrug:
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