GT to Mach 1?

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  1. Aight yall. If I'm not mistakin I read sum where the Mach 1 makes 300 ponies.....correct? If so what has Ford done diffrent to it then the GT? I have an '04 GT and was curious if there are parts I could pull or buy from/for a Mach and put on my GT to get the 300. Or would I be better of just doing the aftermarket parts? Sorry if this has been gone over before. Thanks
  2. I'm no expert but I would think go ahead and use the aftermarket parts you want to reach that goal unless the factory parts are cheaper which I doubt..
  3. um, read up on what the differences are on the cars instead of looking at hp numbers :rolleyes:

    to get the power i would swap over the seats, wheels, spoiler, chin spoiler, subframe connectors and guages.....wait nope the engine thats the difference....
  4. the engines are totally different.

    GT: 2V SOHC 4.6L
    Mach 1: 4V DOHC 4.6L

    to get your car to 300hp, you just need some bolt-ons. (Long tube headers, o/r midpipe, catback, Timing adjuster, pullies, K&N, etc....) Cams wouldnt be a bad idea either.

    use the search button and you can find a lot about modding your GT to beat a Mach 1.
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  6. Thanks yall

    Hey Jackie should I swap out the grill as well....arnt those worth 5 or so hp :rlaugh:
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  8. get full exhaust and vt stage 1 cams, pulleys, densecharger, t/b and plenum, and GEARS and you will smoke the Mach :lol:
  9. Also the '04 GT is 2v as said above- while the '05 GT is 3v
  10. You just need some minor bolt-ons to reach 300fwhp. However, the Mach's are underrated and make about 280rwhp stock.
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  12. Thanks for da info yall. I think my first mod (well performance that is) will be gears.....gotta make better use of what ponies I have. But one quick buddy said after I get my gears....$150 or so...then I have to buy a shim pack, this that and the other....he said the $150 gears are now about $400. Is this tru or is he shootin ***** at me?
  13. I'd get a catback exhaust first if I were you :shrug:
  14. Whats so funny? With my Mods I easily ran a 13.6, thats Mach1 territory.

    99% of the Mach1's out there are mid 13 second cars when driven good. Mach1's aren't under-rated either. People who insist they are faster are less then 95% stock.
  15. please :rolleyes:

    smoking is a bit extreme, but a bolt on 2v gt will run with a mach. i know a couple of guys with the same mods i have with less gear and have ran 12's on street tires @105+. just like the best mach 1 stock times

    modded, well we all know thats a different story. if you dont you are in denial.
  16. Ehhhh, gears are expensive, no 2 ways about it. You need the gears ~$150, youll then need someway to recalibrate the speedo. You can do a speedcal, around $100 extra, or you can do a chip ~$350-$450 with a good tune. BUT WAIT... we arent done yet :D. You also need them installed. A good shop will charge you about $200-250 to put the gears in. They are a great mod for our cars, but it can be VERY pricey to do this upgrade.
  17. gears > catback
    catback is just sound, gears = performance :banana:
  18. I just did a search of all the road tests I could on the Mach1 [7] the fastest corrected time I found was [email protected] Keep in mind, like the Cobras before them, they respond well to mods.
  19. Then you need to take a real close look at my sig, not the part with the mods, but the part that says 13.1 @105 BONE STOCK. I can get a list of about 80 cars off the Mach1Registry that also run low 13's stock. Also take a look at the dyno numbers and tell me again the Mach 1's aren't underrated!
  20. what no love for my post? :D