GT to Mach 1?

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  1. Enough Cody.

    Okay, Had a 02 GT Best time after 50 runs was a 13.79 at 102. Had the usual bolt on's when I traded it in. My FIRST run in my stock 04 Mach with 504 miles- I ran a 13.39 at 105.9 wiith a 2.31 60'. Now I can click of 13.0#'s at 106-107 with 2.05 60's on the stock tires. Give me DR's and a 1.8 60' and you will easily see a 12.7 - 12.8. I loved my GT but there is no comparision- NONE! All Mustangs are great so let's just all get along and not be little piss ant ricer punks. I have not posted here since I got rid of my GT because of attitudes like this on this board.... Bye- back to the Registry!
  2. You guys are really damn stupid. Especially youe kissmyAZZure.

    Stock vs stock a LS1 will murder a Mach1 how dumb can someone be to think otherwise? This post is just stupid now, this is why I like to pick on Mach1 owners the way I do. 70% of you think your fake ram air and stickers scare people.

    I really love the Mach1=Stock Cobra wow that is the deffinition of dumbass!

    If a stock Cobra will own a LS1 then it will kill a Mach1.

    Wow at least I know one person that has a Mach1 and isn't a complete moron.
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  4. ROFLMAO! Easy Jon, I think this is how this whole thing got started! :rlaugh:
  5. :lol:

    btw Cody, how fast did you run stock in your SS? and how fast should they run stock :)
  6. Oh yeah, and you're a Rhodes Scholar, give me a break :rolleyes:

    This statement just proves my first observation.

    This post went stupid the minute you opened your mouth. :rolleyes:

    Ahhh, actually it's not fake ram air, but that's an argument for a different day. Seems a good portion of the mods listed in your sig are Mach 1 related, so you must like 'em Skippy :p

    I never said it wouldn't. :shrug: All I said was with the addition of a nitrous kit, I can now hang with even modded 03/04 Cobras.

    So the fact that you can beat him, makes him smart? :bang: Gotta love that midwestern logic.
  7. bolt on gts will run right with stock mach 1's, just no one seems to be able to drive their gts for ****. i personally can beat every mach 1 guy here at my track same tire to tire. modded of course they are the best na application ford has given us with a mod motor

    cody, you must be in denial. i could just picture his argument if he had a mach. "gts are pos's, i beat them when they have h/c/i and all of the bolt ons in my stock mach and a full tank of gas" :notnice:
  8. With the stock Eagle F1 tires I ran a best of 13.14 in my SS. It has the SLP option suspension so wheel spin is almost impossible to eliminate on street tires.

    With a BW Lid/Filter, SLP y-pipe I ran a best of 12.89. With some BFG DR's I ran a best of 12.7 but I don't really use that number beacuse without DR's it can't hook for crap.

    And I wasn't saying a Mach1 with spray cannot beat a Cobra I was talking about kissmyAZZure's bogus post.

    People here say LS1 owners act like God but I think that title is reserved for Mach1 owners. Sorry but your ego seriously needs to be checked.
  9. Cody, you are a ****ing retard!!
    Read (if you can) my post over, and you would see that the Mach 1 in comparison is mine. MY mach is equal to 80-90% of the stock cobras at the track. MOST stock cobras will run high 12s-low13s... my car - high 12s-low13's.
    The best ls1 (camaro/firebird) run that I have seen in anything near stock form is a 13.3, and that was an SS with DRs.
    You are the type of low-life scum that doesn't have the b*lls to do anything in person, so you troll around starting bull***** on the computer. If you, or any GT/ LS1 you know is anywhere around NJ, I'm ready to go. If you want, I would take my few bolt-ons off. But according to you, I should get smoked so bad I'll need them!! :D

  10. looks like i can take the nj/ny mach 1's. and i thought everyone in nj/ny knew how to drive fast

  11. Codygt... LOL..

    I have a MACH1, Had an 01 COBRA too. Didn't like the MACH1 when i first got it, well not like i did the COBRA anyway.

    Let me tell you some stuff about the DOHC 4.6

    The MACH1 has the Latest Gen. 4.6L (281 C.I.D.) Dual Overhead Cam. 32V V8. The Bore and Stroke are damn near square, (Bore 90.2mm Stroke 90.0mm) The Block, Heads, and Pistons are all aluminum. The Crank is Forged. The engine is "R" coded and is the BEST 4V motor to date. It has fully revised heads, intake, pistons, cams and the best trait of every previous 4V motor. It's FORD's 3rd fastest mass produced Mustang in history. IT MAKES MORE BHPL THAN AN LS1 CORVETTE. It is more efficient than a GT's 2V or 05's 3V.

    Now for those who think the MACH1 is NOT under-rated, stop lieing to yourself and respect it. It makes between 320-330 FWHP, all day. It absolutley destroys GT's. A few bolt on mods wont help you either, your gonna need a plan and some money. My buddy has a 2000 GT with nearly the whole Steeda catalog... sus. sys. brakes. Bullitt intake, C/B, jba headers, 3:73's. etc. He still barely hung around with my MACH, it's all he could do to stay at my rear bumper... And i've driven his car, it's fast, but just lacks that 4V anger, especially up top.

    A GT is 60+ HP shy of the MACH and way less TQ. at top and thru the band. MACH1 already has 3:55 gears and it has a higher REDLINE.

    As far as modding a GT vs. MACH1. A MACH1 with basic bolt on's makes over 300 RWHP easily. So youll need another real 50 HP to even catch up.

  12. Welcome to Stangnet!
  13. what he said :banana:
  14. Oh CODY, btw. I have an 03 LS1 Vette parked next to my stock 03 MACH1 right now, and the VETTE still hasn't been able take the MACH until around 130mph. But by that time your GT would be so far behind. LOL.

  15. I've been a member for 5 years or so, not sure why it says i have no posts.
  16. Sorry go2redline but a LS1 F-Body is faster than a non Z06 C5. The soild rear just lets them launch alot better and the gearing is more for the 1/4 and low end speed.

    When my SS was stock the only time a C5 was close was on the highway where there light weight and gearing kick in.

    And kissmyAZZure I am not a troll, I would gladly beat your ass or race you but you aren't worth the drive. I really don't think you would make any of these statements if I were standing within 6 feet of you.
  17. i respect the mach but it sounds like you need to give a little credit to the 2v. NA its not a greatest application but there are plenty of us with only bolt ons that show machs tail lights consistently.
  18. Only losers threaten to beat someone up over the internet. :nonono:
  19. It isn't a threat, He is the one who made the :bs: remarks. What am I supposed to do take his crap? :nono:
  20. anybody with a mach near Roanoke VA wanna give my GT a go ???? I love running them , sooooo much fun .....bring em on LOL....I got somethin for that a$$