GT to Mach 1?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by southernpony, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. C'mon ALL- This is getting way out of hand. Put your energy toward something more constructive like beating up on some LS1's or SRT 4 big mouths.
  2. i just want a mach1 longblock :mad: then the ass kickings will really begin :D
  3. Let's see.....
    ....oh yeah, that would be such a fair race. You're modded out the wazzoo GT, including a Vortech SC, against a stock Mach 1. :rolleyes: If I lived closer to Roanoke, I'd take you up on it, but hey, I'm not stock either, and your Vortech ain't big enough LOL!
  4. My brother has a 04 mach lightly modded w/exhaust,gears etc and runs [email protected] . i have an 04 gt w/ about the same mods and my best time is 13.7 @100. and we have equal driving skill. if you think 1/2 a second and 6 mph diffrence is not getting your a$$ handed to you your way wrong pal machs are fast and will take a gt so get used to it .
  5. Thats fast :nice: Yours too :nice: Kinda odd though, I thought I read on here somewhere that a bone stock Mach1 runs [email protected] I wonder why your brother's Mach is running the same time and he's got gears and exhaust etc. Hmmm, I must have been mistaken :scratch:
  6. Lets not argue about what model mustang is faster we all know stock which cars are faster :D All it takes is money to go fast. I have seen 9 second GT's and Cobra's :shrug: Be happy with your car and be respectful to others. Oh yea and do your talking at the track :D
  7. Very well put :nice:
  8. If you got a good set of gears (i got my FRPP gears from then you should have everything you need...except the gear oil you will need to buy. The Install shouldn't cost more than $200, and the Gear oil is about $80 i think. Hope that helps.
  9. In the MM&FF magazine in which they compare the new GTO vs Mach 1, i think they rated the Mach as making a 13.7 pass in the 1/4. But then the editor drove the Mach and made a 13.4 secon pass. So i'd take from this that the average joe makes 13.7, and you can do better with a better driver.
  10. yeah pal, they will definately rock your gt.... i dont know what altitude you run in but for your mods those are not good times. not even in the heat of summer here in florida. i mean i pulled 1.9 60's on street tires and ran mid 13'[email protected] in 2500' DA's at ffw.
  11. hey that was only a 50shot yesterday :)
  12. hey TR03Mach1 I got some advice for ya ...


    or up your jets , 50 shot is not going to do it

    100 and you might have a chance but I bet my 315 drag radials will yank your car so hard out the hole you wont be able to catch up bring it anytime you feel froggy big man seem to be talking smack to all the GT guys like their cars are unworthy ...well go pick on someone like KenB over at modulardepot I am sure hes got a GT or two that will hand you your you know what
  13. You guys sound like you should all be driving Honda's.
  14. Stock vs Stock I know a Mach1 is faster than a GT just like stock vs stock a LS1 is faster than a Mach1.

    Seriosly though my biggest sotp gain was from my Predator. Before that it seemed as if my GT fell flat on it's face after 4,500rpm.
  15. LOL! Actually it was a 75 shot :D
  16. Oh really, ALL THE GT GUYS, I thought it was just CodyGT, but then you had to stick your $.02 in. As far as talking smack, isn't this your quote?
    Yeah, you remember, the one where you think you're all big and bad, but leave off the fact you're running a Vortech and about every other mod short of a kitchen sink. That reeks of smack talking, little boy!
    What makes you think I would take advice from you? :rlaugh: I do have some advice for you though, be careful who you call out, you may get one hell of a surprise!

    Okay, so is that supposed to make me tremble all over :shrug:
    I have no doubt that he may have. :hail2: One thing though, KenB over at modulardepot hasn't said or done anything to piss me off, see the difference Junior?
  17. TR03Mach1, You sir are the reason for people hating Mach1 owners.

    Wait to use that quote function :nice:

    I love how I am an a$$ just because people like you make me vomit.

  18. No your an @$$ because you talk smack on the internet and can't back it up with 1/4 time slips or dyno sheets. Where are they!?
  19. No crap, all by myself! :lol: I'm flattered, but really, you give me too much credit, but on behalf of all the hated Mach 1 owners, I gladly accept this award, and it was truly an honor just to be nominated, Thank you! At least you got the "sir" part right. :rolleyes:

    Okay, did I wait long enough? :shrug:

    Not sure exactly what you're trying to say here, Skippy, but I hope you don't get any on you(makes you smell bad :( )
  20. Thank you! :nice: