GT to Mach 1?

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  1. peaceful resolution?

    Since I have owned both an '02 GT and an '04 Mach I, I was very interested to see this thread, to see what other people thought of their experiences with the cars. Now that some of you are mortal enemies... I think some people have lost track of the content of this thread while in the heat of the moment. I read this thread from start to finish just now, and I have made a few observations.

    -TR03Mach1 and codyGT are at each other's throats; someone should spray the hose on them to cool them off

    -Everyone believes that what they personally own is the best that there is. This is principle is not limited to this particular argument, but true almost anything that involves a choice of either or, whether it be car x vs car y or brand x engine mod vs brand y engine mod. We all do it sometime, testosterone does this to you - it's only natural and usually hard to fight. Sometime later when you're not mad at the other side of the argument, try to think about this and understand that you just can't help thinking that what you have is the greatest; isn't it great that Mustangs are so awesome that no matter how much you spend on yours, that you still think that it's the best.

    -Back when people were still using fact based ideas and arguments, the issue at hand was the stock '03-04 Mach I engine vs the stock '04 GT engine. Somehow, confusion took control of this thread and modded cars got all mixed into this mess. Yes, it is true that money will take you as fast as you want to go - a properly modded v6 mustang can make lots of power as well.
    Any argument will last for an eternity if you start talking modded cars because of the fact that there is an infinite number of possible modification combinations that you can compare against each other. This argument concerns stock vehicles or at least extremely close to stock vehicles (because the number of people who go to the track completely stock and post about their experience is not a large enough sample to represent an entire group). My point is this: The my car with x mods vs you're car with y mods argument is tired. Get back to Stock vs Stock.

    -These posts have slipped in quality. Pages 1 & 2 had good uses and citations of evidence to support their case. TR03Mach1 has cited a wealth of evidence to support his argument. He should be applauded for that. It is sad however, that he has slipped into mudslinging. Whenever anyone decides to make a claim, they are bound to back it up with some kind of verifiable evidence, or how are we supposed to believe that claim?

    I hope you two can settle your tempers and go back to the issue. codyGT, TR03Mach1 has brought forth some good evidence to support his claim, and I hope that you will do the same. I will not bring my own personal opinions onto either side of this argument, but I have owned both an '02 GT and an '04 Mach I and I have loved them both; I hate seeing either one get bashed in such a manner.
  2. Im with Thundermouse , Cody - bring something to the table to back your smack talking up or simply keep the yapper shut.
  3. Shrug, my Mach put down 289 RWHP and 312 torque stock.
  4. WHOA :eek: Fella'!! I just wanted to know the diffrence between the two motors, as to why the Mach made 300 and the GT only 260. I didnt want to start a thread bad. Thanks for the info yall...and to the others "cant we all just get along." :D

    UDT...thanks for the info on the gears. I have the hook up on buddy is a mechanic :nice:
  5. Did you want me to post some timeslips for my Cavalier Z24 too, since it is faster then what magazines said it was in 1993?

    None of the times for the cars I own 2000 SS & 2003 GT are out of the ordinary for the mods on both.

    Why don't you just admit a well driven GT with minmal mods can easily hang with a Mach1. 13.6 was with OE Gatorbacks so I can't wait to try some DR's.
  6. stop the crap talking man, you should start posting something if you want to backup your claims, when you asked, trmach was able to provide you with the info you needed, now you have more than 5 guys asking you for the same info, and what are you doing????
    i don't believe a gt with minimal bolt-ons can easily hang with a mach 1. of course, i don't know the meaning of minimal bolt-ons for you :)
    i do believe a 13.6 out of a gt, but it would require more than minimal mods, how many gt's have we seen running mid 13's with minimal mods??? come on bro...
  7. Any timeslip will do, but I seriously doubt you have any. :rolleyes:

    And exactly how would we know that, Skippy? :shrug:

    Nope, won't admit to that. Why? Because my bone stock 13.1 trumps your "minimal mods" (please explain what you mean by minimal) 13.6 by a full half second! That's like 6 car-lengths at the top end, and that ain't "hanging", that's getting :owned: !
  8. my vert did it with 4.10s and et streets when i first got it. then did it on street tires with chip, pullies, gears, xpipe. My friend matt did it with plenum, midpipe, c/b and t/a. All it take is a litle skill, midpipe and timing adjuster to make a gt run mid 13's consistently....
  9. I have very few mods and I ran a 13.8
  10. The stupidity in some of these posts are a disgrace to Mustang owners everywhere.

    I would seriously like to see you run a 13.1, 3 out of 4 runs it won't happen.

    And most folks here who know there head from a hole in the ground now what a 2000 SS or 2003 GT can run with certain mods.

    So I guess if you want to talk your awesome 13.1 up TR03Mach1 go ahead. My SS ran 12.7 @ 109 on DR's so I guess that puts you where? Oh thats right, behind me. :owned:

    I am done arguing, Mods + GT = Mach1 :owned:
  11. codyGT, talk is great but it's still only talk.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I can't trust anything that you say, and that has been quite a lot, unless you provide some kind of tangible and verifiable evidence to support your claim. You have yet to do this and I am getting tired of waiting.

  12. I second that!!! Also I really doubt you ran a 12.7 on DR's in your SS(I know it's possible but i doubt that YOU ran it) lets see you run that on the stock rubber....don't think so not happeing. Stock for Stock a LS1 and a Mach is a Drivers race in the 1/4 (slight edge going to the LS1).
  13. That's what I've been trying to tell ya! So smarten up there, Skippy!
    Well, like somebody else said, my Mach 1 runs 13.1-13.2 ALL DAY LONG! Unlike that other person, I could post a raft of timeslips, but I'm not gonna eat up the bandwidth.
    Yeah, but yours seem to run .4 to .5 faster with the same mods, and nothing to back it up.
    That's not stock there, Skippy! I don't know too many Super Skanks that come with DR's as standard equipment. My 13.1 was done, over, and over, and over again, BONE STOCK, that includes the OE Gatorbacks, the jack and spare, and back seat still in the car, and 3/4 of a tank of gas, and my lard ass 247lbs in the drivers seat!
    Didn't learn a thing, did ya? Mods + GT = Modded GT you dummy!
  14. CodyGT, I have never resorted to name calling as I feel it degrades the quality of information on the boards. However in this case you have done far more damage then my little snippet will ever do so here goes:

    You really are not the brighest lightbulb in the chandelier are you. We really don't care about your rocket of a SS or your awesome Z24- we are talking Mustangs here. BTW my Mach runs consitently in the 13.0 to 13.1 range, my 02 GT ran consistent 13.9 to 14.0 with minimal bolt ons- no where near stock Mach territory. Oh yeah- before you tell me I can't drive, I bet you taught John Force everything he know's right.

    Moderator- Lock this sucker as it's going downhill fast. :lock: :bang:
  15. oh boy, is the way you talk, and the ability you have to provide evidence of any of your claims (which is ZERO), that give mustang owners a bad name.
    and please, since you are a mustang owner you should know what a mach 1 is, come on, mods + gt = mach 1 :lol:
  16. This is a great thread :D I am going to start a new thread (What is the diffrence between a Mustang GT and a Cobra) and (What is the diffrence between a Roush and a Saleen) :rlaugh:
  17. :rlaugh: That was pretty funny. :D
  18. just to let you know, if you arent running better than mid 13's in a bolt on stang you arent driving it right...
  19. God! Whats with the pissing contest. Don't get why you guys will bicker back and forth on the internet like children.. TECHNICAL FORUM, not my car is cooler than yours blah blah blah...
    :lock: :lock: :lock: