GT to Mach 1?

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  1. Sorry fellas but 13.6 for a GT to me still isn't impressive so I won't be pleasing you by posting timeslips for any of my cars.

    And stock vs stock a Mach1 is not a drivers race for a well taken care of LS1.
  2. wrong
  3. they always do that, they smoke ferrari's
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  5. Okay, I thought I'd go waaaay back to the very begining of this train wreck, just so everyone could see what brought this all on. Here's the list of mods on CodyGT's 2003 GT that are getting him those "easy" 13.6 runs. Now, does anybody besides me see the humor here?
    Where exactly in this list are the performance mods that are going to propel what is normally a 14+ second car to "easy and consistant" 13.6's? I don't see any mention of a mid-pipe, or a catback, just "mufflers". Yeah, they should be good for what, 1 or 2hp? The TB and ported plenum might be good for 10hp, and the plenum spacer, I have no clue. The predator tune, might get another 10-12hp, and that's about it. I see no mention of gears, DR's, or anything else that would help the launch, and power-wise, it's still way off what's needed to get into the mid 13's.
    Now this statement was the icing on the cake, and it's what really got me going! Okay, enough tripping down memory lane, let's get back to the sibling squabbles that we all really came here for. LOL!
  6. would you mind to post this at or, i'm sure there would be some guys in orlando with mach1's that would love to line up with you, especially the ones running 15's Mickey Thompson :)
    i don't live in florida, but if you post the challenge on those websites, you would have some people going for it.
    again, i would like to see you car lined up with a mach 1... :nice:
  7. My GT ran better than 14's stock. Any 99+ GT can run high 13's stock. My fat a$$ LT1's could run high 13's.

    My first time at the track with the GT I wasn't used to it so I ran a couple really low 14's and ran a 13.98 and a 13.87 later that night. There was also a black GT there running 13.89 with just Flows and a K&N.

    Saying a 99+ GT is a 14 second car is a complete :bs: don't take the slowest GT times and compare them to the fast Mach1 times.

    I don't think anyone is really reading everything here. I know a modded Mach1 will beat a GT Duh. Hell I could make my Z24 beat my GT with some $$$.
  8. I don't usually get into these "Who's got the biggest penis" things, but in this case I could make an exception, since I come up to VA, from time to time.

    If you got the cash, I'll be your huckleberry! Cash required, since this is obviously not a friendly race. Besides Tim, down here at MPH will be able to put it to good use... adding some more mods. :D

    We can run 1/8th or 1/4th or longer if you want... Bring Jackie Chan if you want...

    If CodyGt wants to come down, maybe I'll leave the e-brake on and give him a chance.... :rlaugh:

  9. So your not going to show us any slips? :notnice: :bs:

    Stock for stock a mach1 isnt a match for an ls1? Tell that to my buddy in his 00 ss. Even he told people i was able to pull down low. Of course top end is a different story.

    I have great respect for GTs, all a mach1 is a GT with some more goodies, then you got the cobra. Of course you can mod a GT to take a mach1, but common with the same upgradese (mainly tires, gears, exaust, intake) you can get a mach1 DEEP into the 12s. Just like a cobra, already good enough for mid 12s with the right driver, exaust, pully alone, im no cobra expert but thats some MAJOR power.
  10. LMAO!!!

    I've had some great experiences with the SRT-4 owners. One night I was hanging out with our little car crowd and 2 of them pulled into the parking lot... they were friendly and I asked them if they cared for a little friendly race. I was mainly trying to race the black one because they said it was the faster of the two. He told me I had to race the blue one to get to the black one. So I tried to get the owner of the blue one to race me. He wouldn't so I was like "Well, the blue one doesn't want a piece, so can I go straight to the black one?" He agreed. We went out and from a dig I DESTROYED him off the line and he let off right away. We then ran from a roll and he kept up pretty good for awhile. Then I was halfway through third and oops! Where did he go? Oh, behind me, that's where! When we got back to where everyone else was he said: "I'll race you again when I get my motor mounts. This thing ain't runnin' right." I just shook my head and said ok that's fine. He seemed pretty cocky and was acting like the Mach would be no problem. He had the stage 1 upgrade and some other crap and backfiring all the way.

    Also when we got back, I got there just in time to hear the owner of the blue one start talking about how easily an SRT-4 can run in the 10's with only $2,000... Me and my 2 friends with the fast cars in the group ('04 Cobra and '97 Twin Turbo Supra) just laughed and went else where. The :bs: was just making us all more stupid just from listening to it.

    I know this is off topic, but it's more fun to talk about than Mustang vs Mustang. Let's all go out and smoke some rice :flag:
  11. CodyGT...

    I'll run you anytime. But if you get to use mods, I get to use mods. Explain to me why you want to claim that your car is just as fast as a Mach, but you will only compare it to Mach's that are stock. I say thats a bunch of BS. If you get to use mods, I get to use mods. How about this... Mach1 + Mods = Your Daddy!
  12. i thought his whole argument was that modded gt's could hang with mach 1's
    but his 13.6 isn't very impressive (his own admission) and he can't hang with mach 1's
    so i don't know what he's trying to say
  13. I have stayed away long enough to cool down...

    I race at Englishtown Raceway Park very frequently. This track is very near sea level, cool, and well prepped. Records are routinely set here. This being said, I know that my times should be better than guys running at 1000', or 90 degrees. This means that other cars (GTs) should also run better times here.

    I have seen TOO MANY GTs to count running, but only 3 (that I have witnessed) have ever been beaten into the 13s.

    13.9x- Silver '02: Every bolt-on you can imagine (intake, exhaust, throttle body, pullies, plenum, etc). He was NOT running DRs, so I assume he can drive a little.

    13.8x- Yellow Cobra R clone: Almost as many bolt-on's as the silver one, but he WAS running DRs. He was lowered too.

    13.6x(codygt/mach1 territory)- black '03: Once again, every bolt-on you can imagine, plus DRs.

    I have also seen a GT routinely in the 12s: Procharger, bolt-ons, DRs.

    I don't see how with all these GT's, there hasn't been one driver that is able to FLOG their GT into the 13's(stock), let alone low 14s.

    I believe Jackie Chan, because he seems pretty experienced, and puts his arguement in the "I don't caare whether or not you believe it" form.

    Codygt, on the other hand, continuously talks out of his A**, and I believe we should all ignore his useless posts until we get some proof!!
  14. And Stock for stock, an LS1 vs Mach 1 is definately a drivers race in the 1320. The highway may slightly edge toward the LS1.
  15. The elevation at my track is only 80' and I raced a 99+ GT and it ran a 14.6x @97.x and I have the timeslips to prove it lying around somewhere. I don't think I've ever seen one run in the 13's NA, but maybe they just can't drive around here...
  16. Best I ran in MD (Capitol and 75/80) stock was 14.1 I think (2.3 60' though :rolleyes:) I DO have the timeslip somewhere. I always go on days with crappy prep or crazy heat+humidity :( My driving is mediocre at times.
  17. Go to MIR down here in Southern Maryland... awesome track
  18. I gotta throw a flag on this play... Intentional Lieing - 5 yard penalty...

    You ran a 13.8 STOCK? That is utter BS. You stated a long time ago that your best was a 13.6xx. How does that factor in since you have so much more done to it now? I came to your defense at Mach1Registry but after reading your posts to this thread, you are full of ****! You might be running a 13.6 now but STOCK you will NEVER see a You really showed the truth on this post and :owned: yourself.
  19. Are Mach1 owners illiterate also?

    I said that my 13.6 wasn't impressive to me because my SS runs 12's. But it should be common sense around here that my 13.6 could be improved by using drag radials. After all thats what Mach1 use to run 12's, right.

    So if everyone with a modded Mach1 wants o race can I bring my SS? I will make sure to mount up my new 275/40 DR's so everything is fair.

    I don't think I am the one who is stupid here.
  20. I'll run that SS on my stock tires if you keep your stock tires :D