GT to Mach 1?

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  1. I'm going to give MIR a try next season... It's more than 2x as far as Capitol and 75/80 but people all say good things :)

    ... 13.8 stock is not unbelievable.
  2. It really is a great track. The elevation is low, they have good track prep usually. Lots of records are broken there. Richard Wilson ran a 12.89 bone stock in his Mach 1 there. Course he now sold it and has a terminator now, but that's another story.
  3. Well mine put down 290 rwhp and 311 rwtq so if you are still in the blind about them being under rated you do the math.. At 15% that would be 334fwhp and 357 rwtq.. They are only rated at 305 fwhp and 320 fwtq.. So that is about 30 fwhp&tq underrated.. If you still think you can hang come on down to TX and I'll show you that you can't.. It won't even be close...
  4. LMGDAO that is funny.. Stock vs. stock I have beaten many LS1's and not one time did I loose to one that was stock.. The first time I lost to one it had many mods and a big stall with slicks.. I raced a full exhaust,cam, chip, lid, auto with a nice stall 2002 SS on the hwy the other day from 45 till 110 and he couldn't pull on me.. We stayed side by side the whole time... But as you think the machs are slow.. You can bring that SS you have down too If you don't have dr's you might want to get some..
  5. there are pockets of gt owners that know how to drive, if you were to come down to florida last year when we were all new, you would seen a bunch of modded gts running high 13's low 14's. WE( about 5-6 of us) all got the hang of driving on street tires and ran consistently in the mid to low 13's. one of us broke into the 12's last year of bfg street tires at gainesville with stock headers. But i concur that most guys driving there stangs run in the upper 13's low 14's modded, just like most mach1 guys run mid 13's with little exhaust crap. Its all a learning curve so thats most liikely the reason. With just a midpipe and welded in mufflers one of us ran 13.6 @ 102.5 or so on stock gears. Currently we picked another oyoung guy in our crew that runs the same on street tires with a bbk xpipe/flowmasters/cai stock gears...he also ran a [email protected] on a 50kit...almost beat me on that pass too :)

    Personally i am considering a mach motor once uncle sam pays me back in a couple months. I want a 110mph car on motor(low 12s) and 120 on 100 kit and still(already need a cage :) ) good drivability
  6. i am not really big into picking fights on the web....if i run into a guy at the track i will line up against sure hell be there 12/12 too work those tires out some more.
  8. Hey! LOW 13's, get it right :D
    The Yellow Mach I raced ran a 13.4 bone stock and it was his first time at the track! He later ran a 13.15 bone stock! I've missed third and still managed a 13.8 before!
  9. only a 13.8? what i was saying is that most of the newb mach 1 guys you see still run mid 13's modded or stock....looked on mach1registry and threre are two in the dr section that did it too. one with drs and one with exhaust
  10. Yeah, it takes practice, but that's with any car
    I won't deny I've had some bad runs with my Mach...
    My worst run (which was my very first!)
    I spun WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much off the line, MISSED 2nd gear, struggled with 2nd some more and took off again and almost still caught up to the Mustang GT I was racing... this was the one taht ran 14.6x by the way... I ran a 14.8, lol

    I try not to talk about that run very much though... I've certainly improved since then
  11. Like I said before, I'd be happy to run you. I'll go on street tires. Then (after I beat you like that), I'll strap on my et-streets(about 2 more weeks) and make you look silly!!
  12. Hey look, another pissing contest. :D

    CodyGT- You are making yourself look very bad.

    Stock vs stock, a LS1 vs a Mach WILL be a drivers race, period.

    For the record, stock Mach 1's are mid-low 13 sec. cars. And stock GT's are high 13's. IMO, 13.3 is a fair time for a stock Mach 1. And 13.9 is a fair time for a stock 5 speed GT.


    LOL, you are not going to show timeslips. You do know that that tells us you have no proof so you try to back it up with that idiotic statement.

    Yes, it is a drviers race, get it through your head.


    Bottom Line: A GT with full Bolt-on's can and does hang and or beat stock Mach 1's. Same holds true for a modded Mach 1 hanging and or beating a stock 03 Cobra. I don't see the complication here?

    Stock GT vs stock Mach 1= :rlaugh:
    Modded GT (full bolt-ons) vs stock Mach 1= Great race
    Same GT as above vs modded Mach 1= GT losing.....most likely not even close
    Stock Mach 1 vs Stock 03 Cobra= :rlaugh:
    Modded Mach 1 vs Stock 03 Cobra= At the track it is very close, with the Mach maybe winning some races. On the street the Mach will hang for a maybe two gears and then the Cobra pulls away.
    Modded Mach 1 vs Modded 03 Cobra= :rlaugh:


  13. :fuss: gene the thread was 2 days dead and you brought it back :doh:
  14. JoJo- I recieved a link to this thread by a certain member who has posted in it. And I felt that I had to comment.

  15. And I have no idea who that member was :scratch:
  16. :fuss:
  17. Just some old Mach 1 owner from Dela-where?

  18. I think I understand now.

    It is OK if someone want's to race me, but if I say OK I look bad.

    All Mach1 owners can drive there car to the max potential and only run excellent numbers every time.

    All GT owners cannot run better than a Mach1 owner says, it's impossible. And only Mach1's benifit from Drag radials.

    A well driven LS1 is now a mid 13 to high 13 second car.

    Us GT owners need to be more like the Mach1 guys and do all of the same mods to our cars, being different is not an option.
  19. The point was missed again I see. Also, I've read every single post on this thread & honestly don't recall anybody talking about the LS1 being a mid-high 13 second car until you mentioned it. Therefore, those words came out of your own mouth. Speaking from experience perhaps. Also about you saying that 'all Mach1 owners can drive their car to the max potential & only run excellent #s every time', that's :bs: Look @ my sig. I've run a best of [email protected] before I did the Rearend & Subframes. Since those mods, I've only had 1 pass & it was a [email protected] In other words, I can't drive my Mach for crap but I plan to fix that 12-17-2004 in Seguin, TX where track conditions are better & per they have more lanes to race on I should get plenty of passes & am hoping for 12s, where I should be anyway.
  20. The bottom line is...

    A 6spd ls1 can beat a 5spd Mach 1...just look at the mph to see which is faster...this is assuming they have equal drivers...most of the time it is a good race to the end...