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  1. This isnt posted gossip. Its simply a question. Does anyone anticipate a GT350 with a lower price range? Maybe without a supercharger, instead engine tuning like the Steeda Q? Just thought there might be an alternative to spending an extra 10k on a GT500
  2. Yea, there is a guy on here (not sure his s/n) but he predicded the gt500 by like 2 months, said his buddy or he or somthing worked for ford and found out the info, right down to the tee like everything engine price name (other test mules) ect. but he did say they were thinking about doing a 350 hp n/a 5.4 for a gt350... makes sense to me
  3. Pretty funny looking back on the old threads when I said the new stang had to be 450-500hp and everyone else said "NO Way, it would never be 450hp, never mind 500!" O well :rolleyes:
  4. Also ford did say that they were planning on severl model's inbetween the GT500 and the GT. Boss, Mach, Gt350? who knows
  5. the answer is probably yes, although while the GT continues to sell well I dubt Ford will bother witht he expense of another model.

    The GT500 will undoubtably be a limited run machine, as it will never sell in massive numbers regardless. Just like the awesome 04 Cobra, how many of them where left unsold on dealership forecourts a year later?

    The GT500 is purley there to make a little bit of money but its main purpose is to inhance the image and reputation of the Mustang. Most people will not be able to afford the GT500 or indeed not want such a powerful road car so they will then opt to buy the GT or V6. Once these sales start to slump Ford will be looking at new ways to boost sales with limitited edition models such as the previous Bullitt and Mach 1. In many cases they will probably just be interior/exterior trim packages with a simple performance mod such a retune or bigger TB type of setup expect 5-30hp increase.

    If we are really luck then Ford will introduce a perminent high end Mustang maybe using the name Boss or one of the past glory names. Logic would dictate that the 4.6 will not provide enough power and a s/c 5.4 would be to close to the limited run SVT cars so it leaves only 2 real choices.

    -4.6 DOHC superchager as per 03 Cobra's
    -All aluminium 5.4 3v SOHC

    Personally I beleive the 5.4 would be the most likely choice pushing any where from 350-380bhp. As it would provide a significant increase in performance over the GT yet still be far enough behind the SVT models to allow them to still sell in limited numbers.

    This is all until Ford releases a new engine line up, prbably based on the current ZeeTec 4 cylinder line up, or a whole new concept of compact lightweight engines ultilising moder technology.
  6. I would think Ford would fill the void between the Cobra and the GT. They have done it in the past. I would say by '09 model year you'll have that void filled by some model (Boss, Mach 1, GT350, etc.) producing 375 - 400hp.

  7. Ford has already stated that they will have several special edition model's inbetween the GT and GT500 also they have not said weather the gt500 will be a limited production or not
  8. No, but it logical to assume that Ford are only interested in making money and dominating sales figures, they have very little interest in making people happy.

    I would guess we'll see some interesting variants appear as soon as GM annonces a new Fbody.
  9. Replt to 300bhp

    What you said about the GT500 being a limited prduction is sadly, probably going to be true. And for a messed up reason too. The worthless stinking greedy assed dealers and their rediculous market adjustments. If Ford were smart they'd make all inquiries to SVT dealers and make it clear to them if they try to mark these cars up over sticker that they will recieve no future shipments. The moron bean counters at Ford must be blind as to the fact that this rampant greed by dealers is killing sales on all of their hot models. The GT supercar sales are basically non-existent due this fact. If they build the GT500 and keep the prices at sticker they will sell, and sell bigtime. It will be interesting to see if Ford will have the balls to step in and stop all of this overpricing nonsense like Harley Davidson did. :flag:
  10. Ford needs a car in the 30-35 grand range to compete with GTO. I think a GT350 without a supercharged 5.4 making 385-400hp would make the mustang line up awsome.
    -the boss
  11. Figure they need something between the base 300hp stang and the 400hp GTO. My thought is GT350 with between 350 and 385hp (the hp that was in the Cobra R). I think they could do that for $30,000. I don't think they will put out anything 390hp or more for less then $35,000, as that was the price/specs of the previous two cobra's.