gt40 heads and trick flow questions

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  1. ok heres what i have 1989 5.o with an aod
    stock bottom
    trick flow stage one cam
    cast gt 40 heads (tfs spring upgrade) 3 angle grind and surffaced
    gt40 cobra intake with 1 in spacer
    bbk adjustable fpr
    stock injectors
    65 mm tb
    bbk cold air
    stock maf i have a 73 mm but not on it wouldnt idle right with it
    bbk headers and mid pipe with high flow cats
    NO smog

    Problem runs good but when you get on it and you get around 3500 to 4000 it skips a touch not bad but i know im losing power
    #2 i have a ticking in my rockers the intake side are fine but all the exaust rockers are lose with the small shims but to tight with no shim

    any suggestions

    ok now questions do i need to upgrade to #24 injectors and what about the fuel pump
    also what should i set the fp at

    i plan on getting it tuned but want to get it close before i go also any sugestions one things i need to know or do before i go
    thanks for your help
  2. You really should be running 24 lb injectors and at least a 190 lph pump with the fuel pressure set at around 41 psi. You really need to get a tune as well and get a pushrod length checker to make sure your pushrod length is correct.
  3. thanks for the help i got new rockers that fixed that problem and re gaped the plugs to 54 instead of the 41 i had it at that took care of the skip
  4. is it possible to need different length push rods for the exaust then for the intake side
  5. It could be possible to need a slightly longer pushrod but uncommmon. How are you checking geometry? What rocker arm is it? How's the wear pattern on the valve tip with a sharpie, is the gap .060" or wider? What shim gives it too much preload?
  6. How do you check geometry? Everybody says "check geometry" should the rocker be at a certain angle?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.