Gt40 Heads From The Yard!

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  1. So I'm thinking about grabbing some GT40 heads from a pick and pull yard hopefully, possibly gt40p but I'd rather stay non P. What should I stay away from in regards to wear and tear, or look for to say this is a good grab? Any info helps before I go for it thanks.
  2. The issue with GT40s from a junk yard is that the newest ones would be around 20 years old. So unless your willing to do the work to install them on your car and just hope they are OK it's hard to save money going that route. They really need to go to a machine shop be checked out, cleaned up, have the valves serviced (seals, seats, guides) and have the valves springs replaced. This can cost $400-500 plus parts. So basically you could end up with $600-700 in them easy. LMR sells their knock off SVE aluminum heads for sub $800.
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  3. I agree. By the time you go through the heads and change out the springs and perform some machine work, you would be better off investing in a set of AL heads.
  4. I'd look on CL or Ebay or Corral. There are guys selling GT40 heads that already have upgraded springs, and and already machined and cleaned up sometimes for $300 to $400. Again, you have to watch what you are buying, I wouldn;t spend a penny more on them as you can get a good set of new alum heads for $1000 to $1200.

    I normally do not recommend buying used heads as 99% of the time you will need to pay to have them checked out, milled, and maybe a new guides, seals or valves. Expect to spend at least $150 to $200 minumum to the machine shop so factor that into the price.
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    So I've been searching d/t going out and searching and realizing 1. They were gt40p and 2. In real bad shape so I passed on the yard. Found these on eBay reg. CI GT40s cleaned and re manufactured asking 325. Also found another set which I'll post. Let me know if you've heard of these and if they are proper, says they are from summit.
  6. IMG_2508.PNG IMG_2509.PNG IMG_2510.PNG IMG_2511.PNG IMG_2512.PNG
    These were the aluminum ones o saw on eBay from summit for 599.
  7. No to eBay heads or SVE aluminum heads. I think $600 is the max I would spend on iron GT40s. If you pair that with a custom cam you could realistically be just under $1000. It would be hard to get a good set of aluminum heads for a grand. Plus the right custom cam with iron heads could even out perform an out the box aluminum head and OTS cam combo. Look at your whole combo and make sure it works together before spending money in one place.
  8. So my current set up which was before I garaged the car 12 years ago is, all the basic exhaust,gears, pulleys blah blah, I have an f-303, with 1.7 rr's, bbk 65mm Tb with spacer and I'm about to add a GT40 intake tomorrow which I'll be picking up for a good deal. So I figured once I rip that stock intake off I'd like to go ahead and replace the heads. So trying to find a good deal but not drop an arm and a leg, while I'm in the air between turbo vs blower, or just going full swap to a coyote
  9. But just to pick your brain why no on the iron GT40s from eBay that have been redone or the SVEs?
  10. SVEs are Chinese knock offs of Pro Comp heads. So there is a quality concern there. However, a friend of mine installed them in his '94 GT and has been really happy with them. He spent a good about of time on the phone with LMR talking about them. LMR stands behind them 100% and several of their employees run them on their personal cars. Only time will tell how the valve train holds up.
  11. Aren't pro comps chinee knock offs of performer heads? That's the reason I would not run them.
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  12. Yes :rlaugh:
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    So sve's or the summit aluminum heads I posted are are good deal? Just got a GT40 upper and lower, c&l 76 for 24lb injectors as well as 24lb injectors so i want to just add heads at the same time if I'm removing everything. I'd even do the cast iron GT40s non P. The guy I bought my goods from has some aluminum GT40s he is going to pull that are very clean off a donor 5.0 he bought. He said 4-500 possibly depending what shape they are actually in. What would you all go for? This is what I added today! They control arms need new bushings but for 20 bucks couldn't pass. And yes my hatch shocks are blown reason for that big ass pvc pipe
  14. No to SVE or parts brand aluminum heads. No to CL meter, No to cheap control arms.
  15. I'm jealous of your hatch prop pipe.
  16. Those aluminum GT40s would be the way to go if they are in decent shape and you can get them for the $400-500. I would still have a machine shop check them out.
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