Gt40 Heads Ported And Polished

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  1. First ever port and polish job on a set of gt40.. If you have never done this lol dont.. I have about 60+ hours in the heads and explorer intakes.. 8546_602280289797082_1067210565_n.jpg 945712_602280326463745_1250018387_n.jpg 578081_602280339797077_56387999_n.jpg 946773_602280353130409_385091099_n.jpg
    Hoping it helps alot. Should have probably took those hours and stayed at work and bought some afr's lol
  2. Looks good, hope it works for you. Thats funny about staying at work, as I just adopted that theory myself after cutting up my hood to create a unique style.
  3. I ported my own a few years back, but stayed very conservative. I wish I had got a little more ballsy with them. My father-n-law stays on He put me onto a great thread over there, just a few weeks ago, where I guy is porting a set of GT40's. Really went all out. There are a lot of commentaries left on his post. I'm really afraid to give you advice, because I don't want to steer you wrong. However, I've read several different places that you want the bowls to be open to about 90% of your valve size. So a 1.84" intake valve, you would want our bowl to be around 1.66". 1.54" exhaust valve, 1.39" exhaust bowl. Hard to tell by looking at your pics, but exhaust bowl could maybe be opened up a little??? Dunno. Regardless, GT40's are cheap and plentiful, so its good practice. If you haven't already, I would check out the DIYporting website as well.

    Good luck with it!

  4. I feel like i went pretty ballzy. I followed I feel like i took alot of meat out of these heads. Basically i gasket matched the intake and exhaust, then followed the website i linked. I have evrything done except the polishing of the exhaust side on one head. Then im gonna take them and have a valve job done. As far as practice this was such a pain in the ass I'm not sure i would ever want to do another set lol.
  5. looks good! definitely not conservative looking forward to hearing results good luck