GT40 intake vs cobra intake?

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  1. As many of you know I am fighting an oil leak still. I must have screwed up my manifold gasket install because its still leaking. So I am going to have to pull the intake again.

    I decided to wait until I get a better manifold. I have found a GT40 intake in the classifieds for cheap. Think its worth it? What kind of gains can I expect from it? Also do I need an elbow adapter deal? I noticed the stout it shorter like a fox.

    Should I go with the gt40 or a cobra intake?
  2. They both are the same but the Cobra upper is a cast piece and is thicker. It'll suppert up to 350 hp where the GT40 can go to 425. The lower intakes are the exact same so either one would work. On a stocker you can expect 10-15 hp and more with more mods. Go with the GT40 and an elbow adaptor and you'll be set.
  3. So I will need an elbow adapter. Dang.

    I will probably go ahead and get it. How big of TB can you go on the gt40?
  4. The GT40 has a 70mm opening but it can be ported and it's not very hard to do.
  5. I can't decide if I want to swap intakes or not. If I decide to swap intakes the car will be down for another couple weeks or so. If not I can have it back together tomorrow.

    I'm torn...I found a GT40 for 175$ + 100$ for the elbow. Which I should be able to swing when I get paid. But I wanted to get an off-road H pipe first...decisions decisions.

    I think the H pipe will help me more since I have all the stock cats with 117k on them.
  6. Dang, $175 for a complete GT40 intake. That's an awesome price. I paid $230 for my Explorer intake. Nice find.
  7. I also found a performer intake with the elbow for 375$ shipped. Not sure if I can swing that much cash this paycheck tho.

    How much HP would the performer add?
  8. That comparison they did in 5.0&SF mag showed that the aftermarket intakes were all pretty close to the GT40/Cobra intakes on a 302engine. The GT40 had a slight torque advantage down in the lower RPMs. So, to me the Performer wouldn't be worth the extra $ that you can get for that GT40 intake.
    Now if you were thinking about a Performer RPM or a TF Track Heat intake then you are moving you powerband up the RPM scale.
  9. With the e-cam I don't feel any good power till around 2200rpm or so. And its starts to die off just past 5k. I'd be happy if I could pull 5600rpm or so.

    I really need some gears. The car felt way faster when it had the stock cam because the bottom end was much stronger than it is now.

    I think I am probably going to get that gt40 saturday. Then order an elbow.
  10. I bought my elbow from Its a PP part and it fit good. Its only like $60.
  11. Thanks for the link. Its 50$ for the regular finish. Plus shipping. Beats paying 95$ plus shipping for the edlebrock one.

    Looks like I will be ordering everything this weekend for sure.

    I hate to leave the mustang down this long but at least I have something to drive.

    I have a ford that leaks oil and a chevy that burns it. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. :D

    But to defend the chevy it runs like a champ....and has over 200k. 4.3' a rock :flag:

    :::edit::: are those typhoon intakes any good? The price is definetly righ.
  12. Typhoon intakes...I am going to leave this one alone. You can do a search on this intake. Some like it and some don't. Its a China knockoff of the Edlebrock Performer RPM intake.
  13. the gt40 and cobra are essentially the same intake. the gt40 upper is just a bit lighter and much better looking. the only advantage the cobra has over the gt40 is that the upper can be ported and the gt40 upper cannot.
  14. You don't need the inlet adapter. You can do the fox throttle body swap. Just do a search and I'm sure you will find the information you need. I think there might even be a sticky on this forum for it. It may cost a bit more because you will have to buy a fox throttle body, but I think it looks much better. As far as power gains, its still debatable, but the supercharger guys do claim some gains. You will need fox throttle body, throttle cable and cruise cable (if you want cruise control), throttle cable bracket and fox TPS.
  15. I thought about doing the fox TB swap but I'm not. I don't think I will gain anything from it right now. The elbow will make everything much more simple and straight forward.

    I really just want to get my car back on the road again.
  16. Get that GT40 and elbow and you'll be happy. Wish I could've found a GT40 for that cheap. I already had it ($600!!!) but swapped to a TFS Track Heat because of the nasty Comp Cams Nitrous cam I wound up getting to match it. More power but waaaay heavier.
  17. :OT:

    What exactly is a "nitrous cam" and how is different?

  18. It has higher lift numbers and a little more duration on the exhaust side to scavenge the added cylinder pressure better but still has a good LCA of 114 so I can drive it on the street. No, you don't have to have nitrous for it to work, I just liked the specs on it which were .555/.570 lift and 274/286 duration.
  19. if you havent bought one yet, you can have my 94-95 stock upper and lower Cobra intake for $100 + shipping. Theres nothing wrong with it, i just wanted a trickflow intake.
  20. So how much is the SOTP increase on a stockish car?