GT40 intake vs cobra intake?

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  1. I have an Exploder intake but I like the look of the Cobra more. Keep me in mind, if he doesn't buy it. Sorry to hijack.....
  2. I already PMED! Im second in line!
  3. The exploder intake cleans up well though.

    here are some pics of my powdercoated smoothed out exploder



    thats dust in the side ridges...looks worse in the pics than it is.
  4. Yup. I'm gonna have to grind that little tab off the drivers side of the upper. That intake looks great. I just kept painting mine till it looked smooth. ;)
  5. i want to puke on your headers.
  6. Cobra Polished = :drool:
  7. That lookes pretty clean from my view.
  8. can't wate to finish my car and show you guys what a real GT40 intake lookes like
  9. trickflow intakes are stupid heavy, that's why i sold it and got a GT-40.
    there is no need to port the gt-40 upper anyways, it's already smooth in the tubes. which is basically the only reason to extrude hone the cobra upper, to smooth it out and let the air flow easier.

    i'll post mine up after i get my car wednesday. the only thing i don't have is the cover, which nobody makes anymore after market ones, and i'm not paying over $100 for a stocker.

    now, to get back on topic. if you can get that gt-40 for 175, buy it. the cheapest i've seen lately is 250 and i've seen one as much as 475.
  10. see if this link works. if so, this is my motor before it went in the car. i had myy stock accessory brackets powder coated black also. just scroll down a bit and there is 3 pix.


    forget it, link only works if you are a member. sorry.
  11. back from the dead.....some of those guys don't even post here anymore...
  12. I don't know where they get that a GT40 will support 425hp, and a Cobra will support 350. You'd be pretty hard pressed to get that kind of power N/A with either one of those intakes. Besides, it's basically the same damn intake. The Cobra is a little nicer because you can port it out on the top side. But why would you want to? If you are going to do that much work, you might as well just buy a better aftermarket intake. I would get whatever intake you could find the cheapest. I bet you anything, if you put one on, and then swap it out for the other, it's going to make the exact same hp.

  13. Ive got an explorer intake i'd sell for me if interested.

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