GT40 Iron heads for sale, 63cc, resurfaced, cleaned, helicoiled, bare

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by hollywoodstang, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. SOLD!!!

    I have set of REAL 3 bar GT40 heads that are 63cc for any takers out there. they are clean heads, Heads have low mileage 70K when i originally got it, I ran it for may be 2 years and put 5000 miles on them.

    Just got it out of the machine shop, resurfaced and cleaned, They are good heads. seals and guides are good too. I had them all checked.
    All 4 intake side water port holes are helicoiled so you dont have to worry about ever breaking bolts there too. The exhaust ports are also deburred so heads should flow little better on the exhaust side.

    There are no springs or valves included in this heads, I threw them away because they are useless now and you SHOULD out new valves and springs anyway :)

    I was gonna put bigger valves and better springs etc etc but my plan has changed and want to sell the heads. I could use the cash to pay bills too,lol

    If anyone is interested you can PM me

    You are more then welcome to shoot me an fair offer.

    Please do not waste my time trying to low ball me, I know how much these heads go for all over the net, It will cost you $150+ just to resurface the heads and get all 4 holes helicoiled perfect.
  2. Are these still available?
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