Expired Gt40 Style Intake (upper, Lower, And 1" Spacer)

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  1. This is an early Ford Explorer GT40 intake, as in still has provisions for internal EGR.

    Included is the upper, lower, and 1" spacer.
    NOT INCLUDED is hardware, sensors, or intake plaque.
    (We needed that stuff for next intake. They are in some pics for mock-up purposes only)

    All the "hard" work is done on this intake.

    I have drilled an tapped all the usual bosses, so this intake will be pretty well universal to do whatever you want with it.

    I drilled tapped the 2 empty bosses so that a Mustang intake plaque can be used.
    I drilled and tapped the IAT sensor boss, so that it can be used on a Fox, or pipe plugged for an SN use.
    The 4 vacuum ports on the bottom inner plenum have been tapped so that you can customize the exact pipe nipples you need for your application, and pipe plug the ones you don't want to use.
    Same goes for the 2 over the valve cover. Personally I would just pipe plug those for a clean look, but they are open and tapped for your plug or nipple.

    I am just the type that can't stand the ugly factory vacuum lines poking out, or the vac tree over the valve covers. With those end holes pipe plugged, and the 1" spacer, there is a ton of room for valve covers, as seen in the mock-up pics. The brass vacuum nipples are just installed for illustration purposes, and not included. You will want to customize it for your needs anyway.

    I have removed most unwanted casting marks that can be seen when installed, and also removed the ugly Explorer throttle cable bracket on the side of the plenum.

    The intake was used with a 75mm TB, and the throttle opening was enlarged to match it.

    The intake spacer needs cleaned and painted. It was done long ago in "Fuzion Plastic Paint", and it is bubbling/flaking. The spacer has NO EGR HOLE. It can be drilled if you need EGR function. The spacer is just plastic, and the hole location is clearly marked from use.

    The paint is no longer "pristine", from use, but is still really nice anyway.

    The ports are NOT touched. No porting and/or polishing.

    All holes are good threads, no cracks, welds, stripping, or replacement threads.

    Asking $200 plus shipping.Alot of work has been put into this to make it universal fit, and to clean up the looks. It's not your run of the mill, straight out of the u-pull Explorer intake, that is why we are asking a little more than average in price.

    Check the pics.
    1213131140-01.jpg 1213131149-00.jpg 1213131150-01.jpg 1213131151-01.jpg 1213131151-02.jpg 1213131135-00.jpg 1213131135-01.jpg 1213131137-00.jpg 1213131138-00.jpg 1213131138-01.jpg
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